B.M. Embedded solutions was established in 2011 and is involved in Embedded Systems R&D, Embedded Solutions and Product Development. "We make products using Programmable Chips called Microcontrollers. We design the Hardware and write a Software for that Hardware and make a device. These are usually sold in market to OEM's or Traders or Industrialists," says the co-founder Mandeesh Singh.

Mandeesh and Bishan started this venture while they were still in college. “We fell in love with Programming Chips and making fast and intelligent robots (called Line Follower Robots, Racing Robots, Water Robots, etc.). What started as a hobby, turned into Passion and there was no looking back,” said Bishan.

They have already worked with clients like SAR Microsystems, Greyscale Systems, Skayvon Electronics Pvt. Ltd, CMC Ltd, Evanze Technologies etc. providing them with commercial solutions starting with Multi-Interface Scrolling Message Display to Dual Channel PWM Controller Board (Medical Lighting Application). “Apart from this, we also help college going students with their projects. We have helped with almost 500 projects till now and developed an expertise in them,” they say.

[caption id="attachment_93581" align="aligncenter" width="700"]museum kiosk proximity detector Prototype of "Museum Kiosk Proximity Detector and Audio Playback System"  developed by BMES to be used in Museums. BMES used an Ultrasonic Detector to Detect the Presence of any Guest / Visitor and playback the Audio Clip for that Particular Kiosk Automatically via Software.[/caption]

remote cooler controller prototype

Based out of Delhi, their 3 member team is currently working onpH Meter, Low Power Zigbee Network Communication. They have recently made a Data Processing Unit for Milk Collection and Billing System. “We also provide Custom Embedded Solutions and recently did a project, working with WiFi, Zigbee Network, R.F.I.D. Access, Multiple LED’s Control, and Multiprocessor System,” said Mandeesh. “We are working on technologies like Embedded Linux (Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone Black), BLE, Low Cost Wi-Fi and High Efficiency 32 Bit Microcontrollers for a lot of our projects,” added Bishan.

As a message for future, they say “If you believe in what you are doing or want to do, just do it with your full heart and passion. Don't listen to anyone who says you can't do it, just go ahead and do it.”

Check out more about the company here.

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