Even before going to a movie we check the reviews in the newspaper or online on some website. These days it is not just the case with movies, be it a vacation or a simple lunch, we all don't go out before checking the reviews. The only problem is that these reviews are less in number and at the same time are scattered as well. Shroodo is here to solve that problem for its users with a unified platform where they can find an ample number of genuine reviews and write one themselves.


Shroodo is a fun and entertaining mobile app through which people can rate, review, discuss and connect. The main incentive for starting up of Shroodo was to cater to the requirements of the people so that they could access genuine reviews and ratings of movies, restaurants, diners, travelling getaways and many more necessary items. With Shroodo, you can also recommend all these things to another friend so that less time, money and energy is spent. Your valuable reviews will surely be very helpful for other friends and acquaintances.

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[caption id="attachment_104108" align="alignleft" width="242"]Supritha Papanna Supritha Papanna[/caption]Max and Supritha Papanna, the two people behind Shroodo are very dedicated towards their work and work constantly to make things better.

Max: He is a very talented and distinguished Interaction Designer (IX) and is equally good at User Experience (UX). Max created the visual effects. Usability Lead in varied projects ranging from Application Designs, Websites, Animations, Corporate Identity Designs to top-notch Corporate Designs. Max has had an extensive experience in the IT industry for more than 10 years.

Supritha Papanna: She possesses a Bachelor of Engineering degree. She is passionate about solving problems to make this world a better place for everyone. She is the only member working because the product development at Shroodo. She believes the best gift any woman can give to herself is an identity for herself.

What's Unique

Reviews are a great way to judge a place or a movie. But the problem is that these reviews are scattered all around the web. There are very few people who write reviews and on the contrary, many people look up to reviews. Shroodo is  an organised platform for all your reviews is it a hotel or a restaurant or a movie. They have overcome all these shortcomings,

  1. They are all scattered
    2. Users don't find any motivation to add reviews
    3. Anonymous / Fake / Paid reviews misleading user experience

In Shroodo users add reviews for friends and look up to reviews from friends with which decision-making like selecting a carpenter, a restaurant to visit, a book to read or any day to day activity becomes easy. Furthermore, a user can also "Recommend" to friends. Using this they wish to build a network that people can use. Their USP is "Review of friends and Reviews from friends"

People depend a lot on reviews. Before going to a new place we always check the reviews and then make the plan. There are various online portals which have used fake or paid reviews to get recognition, and that’s what is different with Shroodo. Their database is 100% authentic with valuable ratings and reviews from original consumers and buyers.

Their end users are
1. Online users looking for reviews or users who write reviews.
2. Businesses looking for maintaining online reputation.


Shroodo is bootstrapped by co-founders and aims to create self-sustainable business via stable revenue model before approaching investors.


Shroodo is currently run by just two team members, they are looking to expand their team soon. On the other front, they aim to be at least 1L users with minimum 5L(0.5M) per month by the year end.
Some of their plans are,
1. Make Shroodo a standard review platform.
2. Best experience to users via our product.
3. More innovation into user solutions

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