World Lens is a superb mobile application that uses your Smartphone’s camera to translate text in real-time, if you are a traveler than this app is perfect for you to carry in your smartphone. Google, the tech giant has recently acquired this awesome app and its hardworking development team at Quest Visual.

Quest Visual set its foot in the market in 2010 with this impressive application. Back then, it seemed highly impossible but World Lens proved everyone wrong as it was very efficiently able to translate many different languages in real time by just using the user’s Smartphone camera. The app comes in handy when you are travelling abroad as the user can easily translate anything and everything into his or her native language just by holding the phone to that particular sign which you want to translate and the phone’s camera would instantly translate the sign. It makes the life of a traveler easier and safe.

The immediate impact of Google's acquisition of the application has been that now the app is available free of cost across platforms. In addition to this, the language packs that were earlier attainable only through in-app purchase have also been made free now.

This free feature of the app is only available for a limited period of time. The company hasn't said anything about how long the app would remain free but all you travelers out there, it is highly recommended that you download it right away as it acts as your friend in a deserted foreign land.

Currently, the app can translate between Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and French, and English and Portuguese. This superb technology has now found its way into Google Translate. The app doesn't require an internet connection to function which is a very big plus point for its users.

But the magnificent app does have its problems too. Sometimes the translations can have grammatical mistakes and a particular style of handwriting or text can also act as a hindrance in its working.

The acquisition news was shared on Quest Visual’s official website but no information was divulged about any financial terms. The only communication which came was that the app has been made free on Google Play store and Apple App store.


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