Our mobile apps have the power of acting as our true friends when dealing with the day-to-day workload of office. With the corporate world progressing at an accelerating rate, humans do require help from time to time in order to surf through the hectic schedules and physically drowning times. Here's our pick of the top 15 Android apps that every working professional must have on their smartphones.

1) Docs To Go Free Office Suite

If making power-point presentations, excel sheets, word documents is an important part of your job, then this particular app is a must download. The app allows its users to view the native Microsoft documents which are of type: power-point presentations, excel and word etc. In order to have an access to all the features of the app, one will have to pay a small amount.

2) CamCard Free - Business Card R

The app not only acts as a business card scanner but also as a reader. It helps its users to search LinkedIn, make notes, and group the contacts etc. All that the user is required to do is to use the Smartphone to click a picture of the business card and it will automatically have the information in the address book. Currently, the app, which is capable of recognising 16 different languages, occupies 15 MB memory on the phone and requires an Android version 2.0 to function properly.

3) Advanced Task Manager

A business app which not only helps a user in listing and running all their tasks on time, but also makes sure that it doesn't drain out their phone's battery while in the process. In order to kill a particular task using the app, all that the user has to do is long press on that task and just click the button “force stop.”

4) Business Calendar

Being on time is considered as a good quality, especially in the professional world. While there are a number of calendar business apps available, this particular business calendar application comes with both graphical and textual presentation. The app provides its users a choice to view events based on a specific day, month or week. The app requires an Android version of 2.1 or higher to run and will occupy 1.6 MB memory in the device.

5) Box

The app allows its users to not only edit and share Microsoft documents but also stay connected with their team from anywhere, at anytime. It also allows users to save important documents in external memory and view them whenever they want without an internet connection.

6) File Manager

If you have an android version of 1.6 or above, then this particular app is a must download. The File Manager App is supportive of 19 different languages, allows the user to search as well as share different files, supports remote as well as local file systems, file shortcuts and many more. Further, it would just acquire 2.3 MB space in the phone's memory.

7) Google Drive
Everyone is acquainted with the Google Drive, but did you know that it also comes as an app? Probably the best business Android app in the free category, the Google Drive business app allows its users to store as well as access all their important files from any place, at anytime. The app, which requires 7.2 MB memory space and an android version of 2.1 or higher to function, allows its users to even share their music files, video files, pictures and various other documents as well.

8) Skype

Since nowadays businesses are no longer limited to one particular place/location, the Skype app allows people to be in touch with colleagues, vendors and customers from all around the globe. By using Skype, one can save a hefty amount of money as the app allows one to make free video calls and voice calls anywhere around the world. Not only this, one can also send send pictures, files and videos using the Skype app. The app would acquire just 15 MB of your phone's memory space.

9) Dropbox

Yes, your favourite Dropbox also comes in the form of an Android app. It allows it users to store and share hefty documents with one or more than one person anywhere, at anytime.

10) Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

The app is considered as the fastest remote desktop app to allow access to Windows, Mac and Ubuntu from either an android phone or tablet. It acquires just 12 MB space and is compatible with all the desktop applications and PDF documents. In fact, it allows a user to use 5 computers together with one splashtop account.

11) Astro File Manager

The free business app allows its users to manage as well as organise all their files and other stuff like: music, videos, pictures, videos, and documents on one's Android phone as well as tablet.

12) Google Maps

One of the most important business apps which makes sure that you're always on time for all your important meetings. It does so by suggesting routes which are the shortest and have the least traffic.

13) Facebook Pages Manager
If you're a social media manager with the responsibility to handle multiple Facebook pages, then this particular app will sort your life forever. The app allows one to add multiple Facebook pages under one umbrella. Using the app, one can post, schedule pictures, statuses, videos and events etc. Not only this, one can even change a page's profile picture and cover picture right from the app.

14) WPS Office + PDF

If you have an android version of 2.1 or higher, then this particular app is a must have. The app, which will occupy just 13 MB memory space, is supportive of 23 different file formats. It even supports cloud-storage, mail integration and has many more such features on offer. The app comes with an excellent user-interface and can function on both Android phones and tablets.

15) SMS Backup & Restore

The app,which requires an android OS of 1.6 or higher, allows its users to restore and delete all the messages. It also comes with the ability of exporting data to HTML or web page format. Using the app, one can even merge multiple conversations of the people who have more than one phone number.

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