Samsung, the tech giant has come up with a smartwatch that will let its users receive data and make calls without pairing it to a Smartphone which means it will have its own SIM card slot. This is indeed a ‘smart’ watch. The South Korean company is reported to unveil its latest innovation sometime in mid summer in June or July. The company is currently the top seller of Smartwatches in the world.

The wrist watch will be made on similar lines as the ones that are currently available in the market except it won’t require the support of your phone to function. The currently available wristwatches work as a Bluetooth handset when they are used for voice calls and require the support of a paired Smartphone for making actual calls.

The smartwatch will also be able to send mails and take photographs. It will also reportedly come power packed with a heart monitor, Bluetooth and GPS. The Smartphone bestseller is touted to be currently in talks with some top telecom carriers in Europe, South Korea and the United States about the smart device.

The watch will most probably work on Tizen which is the company’s homegrown Operating system which it co-developed with Intel Corporation. Till now there is no confirmed news about what would be the smartwatch named and whether people will be able to call by holding the wrist watch up to their mouth.

The smartwatch will have its own SIM card and will be the only such device created by a major company available in the market. The watch aims at making your life simpler and lighter by replacing your mobile phones.

Smartwatches don’t enjoy much status quo in the market right now but with this invention, thing are expected to change for better. Though some experts do believe that even the existing smart watches from the company don’t offer a great experience to its users, thus paying for that bad experience when a great experience is available on your current phones is highly doubted. For them, Things can only change if Samsung is able to pull off a device which is able to provide an experience at par with a Smartphone.

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