Qasari Ali, a 19 year old teenager from Lucknow recently found himself embroiled in a controversy when he acquired the @PMOIndia twitter handle for himself. @PMOIndia is the official twitter handle for Prime Minister of India.

As a result of the 16th May Lok Sabha elections the UPA government had to make way for the NDA government at centre. But the outgoing government which handled and started the twitter handle refused to pass on the same to the new government. This action taken by the UPA government has led to a political battle between the two parties with the BJP accusing UPA of misusing the national digital asset.  According to BJP, @PMOIndia is a national asset which should have seamlessly passed on to the incoming government.

Instead of passing on the twitter handle, Congress went ahead and archived the tweets under a new handle @PMOIndiaArchive making the @PMOIndia handle available.

Amid all this, Ali thought of changing his twitter username as his existing one was very long. He checked out if @PMOIndia was available and seeing its availability, he immediately saved it for himself and started using it. But his new twitter username existed only for 30 minutes. Ali’s account went back to its previous username within half an hour without any explanations from twitter.

This handlegate has left a big impression on Ali’s life. When his parents found about his doings, they scolded him left and right and asked him to apologize to the entire nation. Following their instructions, he immediately put up a tweet through his twitter handle @IAmQaiserAli apologizing to the entire nation. His tweet said “Apology for taking the name of @PMOIndia. I did it because it was vacant. Apologies.” Even after apologizing to the people of the country, he still fears that the police would knock at his doors any minute and arrest him.

Qaiser has no intentions of pursuing a political career whatsoever and instead he wants to be an entrepreneur. He has even started his journey towards his dream by launching a social networking site Picxter.

Meanwhile, Omar Abdullah, chief minister Jammu and Kashmir came out in support of the Lucknow teenager. He tweeted “Poor chap probably never imagined this publicity”.

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