Snap2Life is an augmented realty based mobile app that in short combines the printed world to the Web. The snap2life app detects preset images and links the user in seconds with defined websites, images and product videos or sweepstakes.

If you search something on Google it will show you results of probably million pages online and only from web world however all that is missing the print media and billboards, Snap2Life fill this gap and include print world too when you shot an image via this mobile app.

The Snap2Life App for iPhone and Android Devices link, the user through the photographing an image in seconds to image films, Product videos, websites or sweepstakes. The subject here is the key.

The snap (shot image) can be anything like the metro sign , the bus stop , the fast-food chain , the drugstore chain, petrol station brand, the parking sign , the logo of the road card provider , a snap of the cinema chain or a newspaper logos. Snap2Life app will than you the results page with result from not just online content but it could be from print world too like - calendar,newspapers, magazines, catalogs and posters which will vary depending upon the shot images.

The company claims that Snap2Life is better than a QR Code since they just need the motive and no special code. The company explains that magazines, catalogs or posters are read on daily by millions of people however related content and offers can not be made ​​available to them when they read them, Snap2Life does this by creates a direct link between a subject (image captured by mobile via Snap2Life app) and its associated online content.

The app is developed by Prisma Global Limited based out of Mumbai and Berlin and the company has also won The Mobby 2013 award acknowledged as a distinctive mobile application in the Augmented Realty sector and was accepted as the most innovative and state-of-the-art technology. The company was recognized for the 'Best use of mobile media in advertisement' in the category of Marketing and Advertising.

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