safecity-in-india is a new portal that provide information & aggregation platform to help identify hotspots in a city where women abuse,verbal comments, graphic behavior, menace or any type of sexual harassment has been reported. Any women can report any bad incidence happened to them to website which in turn identify locations where women have experienced or witnessed any type of sexual harassment. This platform only provides information based on voluntary unverified reports.

Any one can submit report of bad behaviours against women on portal in any cities of India by searching the city from search box and share the incident by writing details of it. One can submit report as news, pictures or even videos.

One can also submit report via mobile android app - SafeTrac and also via tweet over twitter using hashtags #pinthecreep or #safecity and help the portal to map unsafe areas over a map and aggregate all the reports.

As per the number of incidence reported in the portal, region in and around New Delhi lead all other Indian region with 789 indecent behaviour against women till date followed by Hyderabad region,

One of the best feature of portal is user can get alerts as emails of any kind of sexual harassment in 1-100 KM of his/her living area.

One of a anonymous user reports incident of Chandni Chowk, New Delhi location she wrote - "While walking down the streets of chandni chowk during afternoon , two men bumped into me and pinched my breasts and then making weird facial expressions."

The portal has different wherein you can submit reports and get alerts such as - catcalls/Whistles, chain snatching, commenting, indecent exposure, sexual invites, rape/sexual assault, touching or groping etc.

Although internet penetration in India is only 12% something and women of rural areas where Internet is still a luxury kind of thing and might not get report submission from rural areas and may not even managed to map unsafe areas in rural regions. Nevertheless, this good effort made by the portal might alert the urban women population on unsafe areas around them.

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