A funny video has been surfaced made by a popular YouTube Indian Channel called TheViralFever.com, in the video a satire comedy has performed in video with concept on how would a corrupt person would approach to VCs to pitch the idea for his startup that moves around corruption, scams and stealing other's ideas.

The startup pitcher explains that the theft market in India is untapped, very disorganized and there are individuals players in this area but nobody tried to consolidate it yet (Hilarious !)

The video maker call-it 'Qtiyapa' an analogical slang of a well-known word in India, the video show how an upcoming thief visits the VC office to fund his new venture - An Online ChorBaazar and call it C-Commerce (Chor Commerce, chor - thief in English). The actor playing an entrepreneur in the video explains that website domains booked for same are - C-Bay.com, Flickkart.com, ChaalBaazi.com, SnapSteal.com or Lobhi.com. (Not to be taken seriously)

Watch the video see captions if you don't know Hindi language you will definitely love this video if you have pitched as an entrepreneur or if you have something to do with to funding or get funded.

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