This week in Weekly Startups section, here are startups - AllEvents, FlixStreet and MBASkool are Indian Startups however EntrePriseJungle.com is a UK based startup.

Allevent is Ahmedabad based startup, FlixStreet is founded by IIT Kharagpur students while MBASkool is Mumbai based startup for MBA students and business professionals.

EntrepriseJungle is a non-Indian startup worth to mention which moves around professional networking in a different manner. It helps you match up employees who would collaborate best.

Most of the startups mentioned here are  self-funded, in bootstrap mode and looking for funding.

We are providing feedback and critical comments to each of these four startup covered below so that they can improve and improvise.



As its name says, AllEvents.com is an eventbrite kind of website for India and helps you discover events happening in your city, catering to events of almost all major cities worldwide and India. The website also provide booking tickets and feature to import Facebook event to AllEvents website with location maps.Events can be published for free on website though there is featured listing with price starting at $5.

Started in 2011, with 2 million monthly active users worldwide it has become one of the important event happening website in India. It also have mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Critic: Very average looking website so in order to have successful running the portal need to offer more than what dozens of event website is already providing to its users, the UI, look-n-feel and design is also mere average.



FlixStreet recently came out of private beta and devoted to movie ratings and reviews from your social circle and having all information (trailers, video songs, crew info) about a movie in one place saving you the hassle of searching on Google.

Flixstreet technically is a social discovery and recommendation engine for Indian movie lovers, currently focused on Bollywood, and soon be moving onto regional Indian movies as well. FlixStreet is online portal to search all things movies, It is more of a platform that helps you to 'Discover' all about Bollywood movies and add to your watch list, share movie ratings, reviews and recommendations for the movies you have watched and also let you follow what your friends are watching and the movies they have enjoyed and recommend.

Critic: Pretty good website with nice minimalist design and less confusing elements however a little more features can surely add stars to what this portal is currently offering to its users.




MBASkool.com is a comprehensive online portal and knowledge base for MBA Students and business professionals. It is a one-stop management knowledge portal and a B-School community for all MBA students, professionals and MBA institutes and its provide platform for such students to study, learn and share. MBASkool provides features such as business articles, management documents, brand analysis, business concepts, employer reviews, official B-School magazines, official club college & event pages and contests.

MBASkool have tie-ups with almost all reputed and top B-Schools in India such as IIMs, XLRI, FMS, IIFT, NMIMS, JBIMS etc and already have more than 38k registered users on the website. MBASkool also has an Android app to take all the content, articles events and student interactions to your mobile.

Critic: Very cluttered design though nice, useful and informative content for target audience the portal is meant for, but competitive website design and UI is an important element one cannot overlook.




EnterpriseJungle is a 'Social Discovery Platform' targeted and focused on business professionals and sits atop public and private networks and introduces you to the best people outside of your current network that you should already know. To use it you have to sign-in using your LinkedIn profile, EntrepriseJungle will then give you recommendations of people both in your current company and in similar companies and letting you consider which may be of value to your network.

EntrepriseJungle use LinkedIn as the platform for authentication and saving/storing your new professional connections.

Critics: When we tested the web app, it took a good and long-long amount of time to show up something after you sign-in using your LinkedIn account and send people recommendations on your email and dashboard of web app was almost empty even after signing-in. The concept might be good but the interactivity of website is loosing somewhere due to technical process it take.

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