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Union Education Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan Visits IIT Hyderabad, Inaugurates a Slew of Facilities for Strengthening Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Shri Dharmendra Pradhan said IIT Hyderabad will play a major role in building brand India globally,…

Online Excess Inventory Liquidation Platform Features In FT’s Top 100 High-Growth Companies Across Asia-Pacific 2022

With A CAGR Of Over 100%, Ranks As India 2nd Fastest Growing e-commerce Business M…

Sony Pictures Networks Secures a Dynamic John Doe Injunction to Protect Copyright Infringement of the India Tour of England Cricket Series Business Wire India Sony Pictures Networks (SPN) obtained a Dynamic John …

Consumer Affairs Secretary Meets Indian Edtech Consortium (IEC) to Review Progress on Consumer Interest Initiatives

The India EdTech Consortium (IEC) met the Secretary of Consumer Affairs Sh. Rohit Kumar Singh to …

S8UL Becomes the 1st Indian Esports Organisation to be Nominated for the Global “Esports Awards 2022”

The country’s most popular Esports group will compete with top international esports organisations …

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