Gullak joins hands with Juspay to become the first in the industry to implement UPI plugin SDK

The latest in UPI - UPI plugin SDK promises a 5X faster payment experience

Gullak, a leading fintech app, becomes the first to implement Juspay’s UPI plugin SDK - HyperUPI. This will eliminate the need for Gullak’s customers to go to another UPI payment app during checkout, ultimately allowing them to pay within Gullak’s app itself.

Through this it will reduce the time taken for one UPI payment from 22 seconds to less than “3 seconds” and will now lead to fewer taps, near 0 payment failure rates, & a 100% redirection elimination, promising its users a smoother payment experience.

Dilip Jain, Co-Founder, Gullak says “Gullak In-App UPI SDK payment experience aims to remove the friction, switching to external apps and high failure rates during payment. With In-App UPI SDK customers can complete their UPI payment in less than 3 seconds and will no longer have to switch to other upi apps to complete their payment. We are committed to constantly innovate and leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver the most seamless savings experience for the billion Indians. Juspay SDK has simplified the entire integration process, it took us less than a week to finish the integration.”

We are thrilled to introduce HyperUPI in collaboration with Yes Bank and NPCI, as Indian customers and businesses rapidly embrace UPI as their preferred mode of digital payments,” said Mr. Sheetal Lalwani, Chief Operating Officer, Juspay. “As a company, we are committed to building innovative solutions that remove payment friction while maintaining high security standards. With HyperUPI, we aim to empower businesses to seamlessly integrate UPI into their apps, providing customers an unparalleled payment experience.”

Started in 2022, Gullak is set out to create wealth for the next 100 Mn Indians. Gullak helps users create wealth by automating savings using UPI autopay 2.0 & auto-investing that into digital gold using Augmont - one of India’s largest Gold refineries.

Gullak currently has a GMV of $1.5Mn & has gained popularity with its latest offering - Gullak Gold+ - an investment option through which you can earn an assured extra 5% Gold every year on top of annual Gold returns of ~11%. They provide the extra 5% by leasing your Gold to large jewellers who in return give you an interest every month. The company claims that returns from Gullak Gold+ beat returns of 90% of Mutual Funds as well.

Juspay has been a key contributor to the development of the financial ecosystem in India. Juspay is a key player in UPI and powers the UPI technology for large banks like Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank. It is also the UPI payment provider for leading merchants such as Amazon, Google, CRED, Bajaj, Ola, Swiggy, among others

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