Prime Minister Modi Continues to Champion EcoLine Clothing's Sadri Jacket (Made Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles) at G7 Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again showcased his commitment to eco-friendly fashion by wearing the exquisite "Chandhan" shade Sadri jacket, proudly presented by EcoLine Clothing. The jacket, made from recycled PET bottles, garnered attention during the ongoing G7 Summit in Japan.

After donning the jacket during the Lok Sabha budget session, PM Modi's decision to wear it once again at the G7 Summit reaffirms his commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices.

As a global leader, his fashion statement carries significant symbolic weight, inspiring world leaders and citizens alike to take action and protect our environment. Repeatedly supporting eco-friendly practices, PM Modi exemplifies how even the smallest sartorial decisions can convey profound messages. His attire serves as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard our planet and mitigate the effects of climate change.

"We are immensely thrilled and honored to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi choose to wear the Sadri jacket presented by EcoLine Clothing once again," said Senthil Sankar, Managing Partner at EcoLine Clothing. "We are truly amazed and deeply grateful for his continued endorsement. It is a testament to our shared vision of promoting eco-friendly practices and creating a greener future. We remain committed to delivering high-quality, environmentally conscious products, and we are inspired to further innovate and contribute to the cause of sustainability."

About EcoLine Clothing (Shree Renga Polymers)

Shree Renga Polymers, the parent company of EcoLine Clothing, is a pioneering force in PET bottle recycling and sustainable textiles in India. Established in 2008 by Mr. K. Sankar, the company's dedication to innovation and tech-savvy solutions has propelled it to prominence. Backed by cutting-edge German technology, our production lines deliver exceptional quality and efficiency. We specialize in manufacturing dope dyed colors and specialty recycled polyester fibers, providing eco-friendly clothing options to conscientious consumers worldwide. Our production lines exemplify excellence in quality and productivity, specializing in dope dyed colors and specialty recycled polyester fibers.

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