Coinbase CEO Co-founded Startup Working on Increasing Human Life Raises $40 Mn

Coinbase founder & CEO Brian Armstrong has raised $40 million for NewLimit, a startup focused on increasing human longevity, and was launched in December 2021.

NewLimit raised $40 million in Series A Round of funding from Dimension, Founders Fund, and Kleiner Perkins with participation from former Google CEO - Eric Schmidt, Elad Gil, Garry Tan, and Fred Ehrsam.

The funds raised is in addition to the founders’ original $110 million commitment to the company.

The San-Francisco based startup is inventing medicines composed of epigenetic reprogramming factors that restore youthful function in old cells. It leverage functional assays, single cell multi-omics, and machine learning to reveal epigenetic features of aging and discover rejuvenating interventions.

The team of NewLimit is composed of experts across cell biology, genomics, computational biology, machine learning, and operations.

Founded by Brian along with Blake Byers, Greg Johnson and Jacob Kimmel, NewLimit reprogram the epigenome to restore the instructions that each cell had when we were young.

Science behind NewLimit's Approach to increase human lifespan

NewLimit is focused on epigenetic causes of aging, which are driven by an individual's conduct and their environment, as opposed to their genetic code. The startup is not seeing it as a cure-all for the aging process, but they're encouraged by the ability to take old skin cells from mice and actually turn those into a newborn mouse, with no side effects. Understanding how those cells change and can be reborn could help improve existing immune systems or the wear-and-tear on brain cells.

Epigenetics is the study of how human behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change our DNA sequence, but they can change how our body reads a DNA sequence.

Nature has already created complex molecular machines that can achieve this task, and biotechnology now allows to design entirely new epigenetic reprogramming tools from first principles.

NewLimit combine single cell profiling with new cell reprogramming methods that take advantage of molecular barcoding and CRISPR technology to test thousands of hypotheses in a single experiment.

In a simple language, NewLimit leverage functional assays (investigative Lab tests/procedures), single cell multi-comics (integrated perspective to power discovery across multiple levels of biology), and machine learning to reveal epigenetic features of human aging and discover rejuvenating interventions.

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