Healthcare Co. QMS Mas Forays Into D2C Sector; Launches Q Devices, Unveils Path Breaking Medical Wearable Vyana in Partnership With Varanium Cloud Ltd
  • Q devices include point-of-care lifestyle monitoring products, including multifunction fingertip health monitors, mesh nebulisers, and more
  • The event was graced by legendary cricketer Kapil Dev and Bollywood star Esha Deol. 
QMS MAS (Medical Allied Services), a front-runner in the field of health care and wellness made its maiden foray into the direct-to-consumer sector, launching a vast range of point-of-care products under the banner Q Devices. The event also witnessed the unveiling of a revolutionary medical wearable, Vyana in collaboration with Varanium Cloud Ltd., India’s leading digital technology company. Vyana aims to address a growing need of having a medical wearable that aids timely assistance and it has been designed to constantly monitor vital parameters and send instant notifications as well as contact the user and their emergency contacts directly in case of significant fluctuations, thereby making it a must use for high risk groups.

The event which was graced by the legendary cricketer, Kapil Dev and Bollywood star, Esha Deol also saw the presence of Mahesh Makhija, Chairman & MD along with Dr. Guddi Makhija, Director, QMS MAS. An array of medical devices was launched under the umbrella of Q Devices ranging from multifunction fingertip health monitors, mesh nebulisers, personal massagers, tubular mattresses with compressors, automatic blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, powered suction pumps and nano steamers. These lifestyle monitoring devices offered by the brand meet the highest standards of quality and resonate with the company’s mission of advocating a healthier lifestyle amongst its consumers. These products are available in offline stores as well as online platforms like Amazon and their own website (

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Guddi Makhija said, “The company’s prerogative has always been to help customers adopt a healthy lifestyle. Q devices offer products that will serve as dependable allies in the customer’s healthcare journey. Especially salient in this regard is Vyana, a first-of-its-kind device that we have launched in partnership with Varanium Cloud Ltd. These lifestyle monitoring products are a culmination of the hard work, a spirit of scientific inquiry and innovation that QMS MAS has fostered over 28 years. They are reliable, dependable and easy to use, and through them, we hope to realise our dream of making India healthier and happier.”

Harshawardhan Sabale, Managing Director, Varanium Cloud Ltd said “We are delighted to partner with QMS MAS to unveil Vyana. This device will help address the health concerns of millions of Indians and help reduce the number of hospitalisations due to avoidable reasons by alerting people on time about their fluctuating biological indicators. It’s a technological breakthrough for us and we hope to serve as many people as we can with its launch in the coming days.

Kapil Dev said, “It is indeed a very proud moment for me to be witnessing the launch of Q Devices considering that healthcare needs to be the first priority for any individual and QMS has taken a big stride today in achieving that goal and making vital medical devices easily accessible to everyone, all at the click of a mouse. Through this momentous step forward, QMS has ensured that the most advanced healthcare equipment and services are available, ensuring customer welfare and wellbeing that is at the core of the brand’s philosophy. This will also be instrumental in paving the way for the healthcare landscape to further evolve in terms of patientcare as well as in optimising treatment outcomes.”

Multifunction Fingertip Health Monitor

This product allows users to measure oxygen saturation and continuous blood pressure by applying the device to their fingertips. The readings are customised as per age and weight. An adjustable four-direction display makes it the perfect metric measurement partner during workout sessions.
Mesh Nebulizer

These Mesh nebulisers have a distinct advantage over regular nebulisers, making them easier to carry and offering greater energy efficiency and lung deposition. They come with pediatric and adult masks and an in-built battery system that can be charged via the USB cable provided.

Personal Massager

This portable and easy-to-use personal massager comes with four multifunctional interchangeable heads, including a flat massage head which can be used to massage the face and abdominal areas, a dead skin massage head which can remove dead skin with a gentle scrubbing motion, a wavy massage head which is effective in eliminating muscle fatigue, and a ball massage head which is helpful for deep tissue massage for improved blood flow.

Tubular Mattress with Compressor/Alternate Pressure System

This is the best ally for patients advised bed rest as it helps them avoid bed sores. It can bear a load of over 120 kg and be used for 24 hours straight.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

This highly accurate, easy-to-use monitor uses oscillometric technology to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate.

Digital Thermometer

This digital thermometer boasts of one-touch operation and ease of use. It is unbreakable and equipped with a beep alarm to notify the cessation of measurement.

Powered Suction Pump

This product can be used when an individual suffers from a moist cough. It allows them to clear mucus obstruction from the throat, thus helping maintain airflow. This suction pump includes a vacuum meter, pumps, pressure regulating, liquid holder and air filter.

Nano Steamer

This nano steamer is helpful for steam inhalation to remedy nasal congestion, allergies, cough and cold in adults and children. It can also be used as a facial steamer in one’s skincare routine.

About QMS MAS:

Founded in 1994 by stalwarts like Mr. Mahesh Makhija and Dr. Guddi Makhija, QMS MAS has proved its merit in the B2B segment and has propositioned to transition into a healthcare enterprise in the direct-to-consumer domain, with its point-of-care-products, under the banner Q devices. The brand, true to its tagline ‘Count On Us’, employs the latest technology to help clients in their journey toward good health and wellness.

About Varanium Cloud Ltd.:

Varanium Cloud Ltd is a digital technology firm started in 2017 with an aim to extend digital solutions to users from non-urban agglomerations by mitigating technological gaps through the introduction of new-age digital tools that create equal opportunities. Headquartered in Mumbai, Varanium offers an extensive array of digital solutions through its subsidiaries. The company’s primary services include Edtech, Edge Data Centres for reliable computing in non-urban cities, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and eCommerce-as-a- Service (EaaS).


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