Nai Subah Foundation, a young social start-up dedicated to opportunity creation for the marginalized sections of society has organised its first physical art exhibition called Advaita which is showcasing diverse and unique artworks by neurodiverse artists, ranging from 10 to 45 years of age.

Advaita, Art Exhibition by Neurodiverse

The exhibition, held from 13th January to 15th January 2023 at ArtSastra Gallery, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, will showcase 92 breath taking paintings, digital art, photographs, and multimedia works that have been created by young neurodiverse artists.

Tarini Malhotra, Founder, Nai Subah Foundation

The exhibition is being held with the intention of showcasing the special artistic expression of talented neurodiverse artists who otherwise may not get the right opportunities in the society. This is the first physical exhibition Nai Subah is organizing this year post the success of its virtual exhibition in December 2021 in which most of the paintings were sold out.

By connecting people, with the aid of social sector organizations, to corporate partners and facilitating their employment, Nai Subah Foundation helps neurodiverse people find mainstream work prospects and sustainable income generation opportunities.

Sharing her thoughts on the exhibition & the overall scenario of neurodiverse people in India, Tarini Malhotra, Founder of Nai Subah Foundation and a Grade 11 student of The Shri Ram School, said, "At Nai Subah Foundation, we endeavour to be the catalyst for change - we hope to usher in a 'new morning' for marginalized sections of society by helping them unlock their true potential. The artworks displayed at Advaita provide a deeper understanding of the psyche of creative artists and a glimpse into their unique perspectives, which may surprise the audience and change perceptions about the talent and potential residing in the neurodiverse."

Tarini has an elaborate history of proactively participating in various social causes such as the financial inclusion of women, education of the underprivileged, and supporting kids with disabilities. She is a staunch supporter of the role of social startups in destigmatizing disability and creating authentic inclusion in workplaces for the Neurodiverse.

The art curator of Advaita and owner of Artsastra, Mr. Vipul Saini expressed, "Every individual observes, absorbs, and expresses his or her experience in unique ways. These expressions become even more special when expressed through those who perceive the reality in special ways than most of us do, who can see what we normally may not see. We welcome all to our gallery Artsastra where this beautiful exhibition will change a lot of misconceptions about neurodiversity."

Neurodiverse people have the same rights to an education and employment as the rest of us do to lead independent lives with respect and financial independence. Nai Subah Foundation and other social sector organizations are working tirelessly to ensure that all organizations develop policy frameworks that will enable them to successfully integrate and utilize the skills of neurodiverse people, while also working to bring a sustainable change in society.


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