FOReT, a premium sustainable & vegan-friendly fashion brand with a nature-first approach, has won the best Vegan Wallet at the 2022 Vegan Fashion Award by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, which honors cruelty-free clothing, accessories, and jewellery. The brand was awarded for exhibiting cutting-edge innovation and sustainability in contemporary fashion, FOReT’s products are handmade using genuine & luxurious cork material, with great attention to craftsmanship and design.

Premium Sustainable Fashion Jewellery Brand FOReT Bags PETA's Vegan Fashion Award 2022

Created with the ethos of simplicity, diversity, and sustainability, FOReT's products — including trendy wallets, laptop bags, handbags, and jewellery— are timeless and bold fashion statements. At the same time, they promote natural fibers that are earth-friendly and are not sourced from animals.

"As India’s first brand to launch jewellery and handbags from a resourceful plant-based material, Cork, we are thrilled to accept the Vegan Fashion Award from PETA. Cork has been popularly known only for its use as a wine stopper, however, at FOReT, we have repurposed the upcycled cork bark to create exclusive and elegant jewellery and handbags. The upcycled Banana bark is another key material celebrated in our handbags. Our primary focus is to design our products such that it celebrates the texture of plant-based materials while creating a visually appealing fashion product. The award brings us closer to achieving our mission of creating a new narrative where vegan fashion is not chosen as an alternative, but as a primary fashion choice.”, said FOReT's founder Supriya Shirsat Satam.

FORet is an innovative brand that is not only vegan-friendly and sustainable but a brand that creates elegant fashion jewellery in a contemporary design language suited for the local and global audiences as well. FOReT also supports 250+ artisans including rural women and expert artisans globally.

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