Startup India Launches MAARG Portal to Help New Startups
The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), under the Ministry of Commerce Industry of the Central Government, has started MAARG Portal under the Ministry of Commerce Industry of the Central Government. The MAARG Portal will help new startups.

This portal will help ease the way people in the country create a successful startup.

The name 'MAARG' is decoded as — M means Mentorship, A means Advisory, another A means Assistance, R means Resilience and G means Growth. The route ( MAARG ~ in Hindi) is formed when connecting them all together. The government is preparing a path from starting startup to pushing it forward and later progressing.

The central government is doing everything possible to create a finest startup ecosystem . For which MAARG Portal is designed. The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade is the national mentorship platform of (DPIIT) under the Ministry of Commerce Industry of the Central Government. This is part of Startup India. The government has started registration on MAARG Portal and applications have been sought from startups across the country.

Once startups onboard at MAARG they will get a chance to make their idea a success by connecting with experts/mentors of their respective sectors. Startups and experts will be linked with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithm. It is a known fact that new startups are constantly opening up everyday. There are over 82,000 recognized startups in India so far. Out of this, the number of unicorns has reached around 107.

With MAARG Portal, startups can connect with academics, industry experts, successful startup founders, investors. The startups may also get a chance to join world class advisors and experts.

The central government has completed the first phase of MAARG Portal. Under this, the government has added more than 400 experts related to different sectors on this portal who can answer queries on every problems startups face. Now the government is going to start its second phase, in which it is going to connect the startup across the country with this portal. This will be followed by interconnecting mentors and startups in the last step.

The mentorship offerings provided on MAARG are completely pro bono.

How MAARG Works

Each user can register on the platform as a Mentor or Startup. After publishing of the profile, the platform will matchmake mentors and Startups using artificial intelligence based on sector, stage, and functional skillset.

Either party can send a connection request to a desired mentor/Startup and once the request is accepted, the mentorship can be started.

Each mentorship connection will be tracked for evaluating progress and feedback. Following the sessions, the mentors and Startups will be prompted to update the session details in their respective dashboards namely duration of session, specific topic etc. In case the sessions are not updated, the users will not be able to proceed further for scheduling the next session.

It is to be noted that the mentorship session videos and chats may be recorded for quality purposes, says the MAARG Portal website.

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