Boson Whitewater will partner with apartment communities and industries to convert treated wastewater into high quality potable water

Boson Whitewater, a  water utility company that converts treated wastewater (STP Water) into high quality potable water, has launched operations in Hyderabad city. Boson Whitewater offers an IoT and AI enabled 11 step filtration system designed in sequence to reduce the various physical, chemical and biological contaminants present in treated wastewater.

Boson Whitewater is a water utility company founded with an aim to change the way industries, IT Parks, malls, and apartment communities recycle their wastewater. Founded by Vikas Brahmavar and Gowthaman Desingh, Boson Whitewater converts water from sewage treatment plants(STP) into potable high quality water that can be used for household purposes, centralised air conditioning in commercial buildings, and even for drinking. Currently, Boson Whitewater recovers close to 35 crore litres of high potable water from treated wastewater by working with apartment communities, malls, and industries in Bengaluru. The startup is in talks with residential communities in Hyderabad to convert unused treated wastewater into potable water.

Commenting on launching operations in Hyderabad, Vikas Brahmavar, CEO and Co-Founder, Boson Whitewater, said, “We are excited to launch our operations in Hyderabad with the support of our partner Mr.Srikanth and team from India Water Systems. At Boson Whitewater, our aim is to reduce urban water stress by introducing tech-enabled solutions that can be easily adopted. Our product has made a significant impact on residential communities and industries in Bengaluru by helping them use water judiciously and find a way to repurpose treated wastewater. We hope to create a similar impact in Hyderabad”

Creating a win-win for apartments and industries

As per an internal study by Boson Whitewater in Bengaluru, residential apartment complexes generate anywhere between 30,000 - 3 Lakh litres of wastewater everyday. Out of this, only 20% of STP water is used for flushing and for gardening purposes. The rest 80% flows into drains and eventually into our lakes and waterbodies, thereby causing pollution. This is a common problem in cities across India, including Hyderabad. Most apartments today do not have the avenues to discharge their excess treated water. Even though they convert their wastewater into STP, they are able to use only 20% of it. By installing Boson Whitewater system, the unused 80% can be converted into high quality potable water which can be sent to nearby industries.

Currently, most industries buy water from water tankers for their water requirements and process their wastewater in house. However, in spite of recycling it in house, they are unable to obtain high quality water due to the operational efficiency of wastewater plants. On the other hand, we have apartments that are draining out at least 80% of unused wastewater because they have no avenues to use them or discharge it for other purposes. With Boson Whitewater System, the excess STP treated water from apartments and commercial complexes is processed to a very high quality suited for industrial processing and mapped to industries within a 2-3 km radius. This makes the economics viable for both sides and results in water savings and efficient usage of wastewater.

Boson Whitewater’s IoT and AI enabled filtration system

Boson Whitewater (BWW) System is a 11 stage filtration system designed to remove all contaminants from treated wastewater. In the first 4 stages, treated wastewater will be taken through various filtration systems to reduce the turbidity, odour and iron present in the water using BWW’s unique filters. In the next 2 stages, BWW uses different types of dosing systems to reduce the organic contaminants present in the water, followed by different levels of micron filtration systems. Post the 3 stages of micron filtration, water is free from the physical contamination which will be taken through the Boson high recovery, low fouling membrane system which is designed to remove the various viruses and dissolved salts present in the water. Post the filtration, any residual bacteria and virus present in the water will be removed using Ultra Violet (UV) disinfectant system.

At the end of all the stages, the water does not have any contaminants. E Coli, Coliforms, heavy metals, high hardness, pesticides, herbicides are all removed and the water is crystal clear and potable. NABL certified lab reports indicate the water is drinkable.

Boson IoT platform collects various parameters at every stage of filtration and uses AI algorithms to detect the various anomalies like filtration efficiencies, variation in life of filters and pump failures.

Boson Whitewater was recently selected for ‘India Water Pitch-Pilot-Scale Start-Up Challenge’ by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA). Boson Whitewater is one among the 76 startups selected for the challenge from across India to work in the field of water supply, used water management, water body rejuvenation and ground water management.

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