The initiative is aimed at empowering water startups and it is a part of Union Government’s AMRUT 2.0 (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation)

Each startup will be given a grant of 20 Lakhs and they will work in the field of water supply management and water body rejuvenation

Boson Whitewater, a water utility company that converts STP water into high quality potable water, has been selected for ‘India Water Pitch-Pilot-Scale Start-Up Challenge’ by the Ministry of Housing % Urban Affairs (MoHUA). Boson Whitewater is one among the 76 startups selected for the challenge from across India to work in the field of water supply, used water management, water body rejuvenation and ground water management.

Vikas Brahmavar and Gowthaman Desingh Founders of Boson Whitewater
Vikas Brahmavar and Gowthaman Desingh  - Founders of Boson Whitewater

Boson Whitewater is a water utility company founded with an aim to change the way industries, IT Parks, malls, and apartment communities recycle their wastewater. Founded in 2011 by Vikas Brahmavar and Gowthaman Desingh, Boson Whitewater converts water from sewage treatment plants(STP) into potable high quality water that can be used for household purposes, centralised air conditioning in commercial buildings, and even for drinking.

Commenting on recognition, Vikas Brahmavar, Founder and CEO, Boson Whitewater System, said, “We are excited to be recognised for our efforts towards creating a sustainable water infrastructure. As cities grow and population increases, we need to find technological solutions that can help us manage our water resources more efficiently. At Boson Whitewater, we believe that wastewater has a great potential to reduce urban water stress. This recognition further strengthens our commitment towards improving our water infrastructure and creating water abundance in our cities.”

Boson Whitewater
Boson Whitewater (BWW) System is a 11 stage filtration system designed in sequence to reduce the various physical, chemical & biological contaminants present in the treated waste water. In the first 4 stages, treated wastewater will be taken through various filtration systems to reduce the turbidity, Odour & Iron present in the water using BWW’s unique filters. In the next 2 stages, BWW uses different types of dosing systems to reduce the organic contaminants present in the water, followed by different levels of micron filtration systems. Post the 3 stages of micron filtration, water is free from the physical contamination which will be taken through the Boson high recovery, low fouling membrane system which is designed to remove the various viruses and dissolved salts present in the water. Post the filtration, any residual bacteria and virus present in the water will be removed using Ultra Violet (UV) disinfectant system.

At the end of all the stages, the water does not have any contaminants. E Coli, Coliforms, heavy metals, high hardness, pesticides, herbicides are all removed and the water is crystal clear and potable. NABL certified lab reports indicate the water is drinkable.

Boson IoT platform collects various parameters at every stage of filtration and uses AI algorithms to detect the various anomalies like filtration efficiencies, variation in life of filters and pump failures.

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