oson Whitewater and Tankerwala Partner to Supply Whitewater (Recycled Water) to Malls and Industries On-Demand in Bengaluru

Commercial establishments and industries can now easily book ‘Whitewater’ (recycled water) through an app

Boson Whitewater, a water utility company that converts STP water into high quality potable water, has partnered with Tankerwala, an app that allows customers to book water tankers on-demand, to supply Whitewater to malls and industries across Bengaluru. Currently available in Sarjapur Road and Electronic City, Boson Whitewater plans to extend this offering to all areas across the city within the next one year.

What is Whitewater?

Whitewater refers to STP water converted into high quality potable water. Through Boson’s Whitewater system, STP treated water in apartments undergo a 11-stage treatment process that removes any smell, colour, suspended solids, and opaqueness from STP water. At the end of all the stages, the water does not have any contaminants. E Coli, Coliforms, heavy metals, high hardness, pesticides, herbicides are all removed and the water is crystal clear and potable. NABL certified lab reports indicate the water is drinkable.

Creating a win-win for apartments and industries

Currently, most industries in Bengaluru buy water from water tankers for their fresh water requirements and process their wastewater in house. However, in spite of recycling it in house, they are unable to obtain high quality water due to the operational efficiency of wastewater plants. On the other hand, apartments end up draining out at least 80% of unused wastewater since they have no avenues to use them or discharge it. Through the Boson Whitewater system, apartments can now convert their excess STP treated water into high quality potable water. This water is then supplied to nearby industries and commercial establishments for centralised air conditioning, laundry, and for housekeeping purposes.

This offers two key advantages - it allows industries to reduce their dependence on fresh water and it helps apartment communities to save water by making the best use of their wastewater. This approach not only ensures that apartments are legally compliant, but it also allows them to earn a monthly rental on the Boson Whitewater installation, while also allowing them to manage their excess treated wastewater smartly without impacting the environment.

Commenting on the partnership, Vikas Brahmavar, Founder and CEO, Boson Whitewater System, said, “Our aim is to create sustainable water infrastructure by finding ways to efficiently use wastewater generated from our residential complexes. Most apartments today are unable to comply with ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ because they have no avenues to discharge their excess treated water. Through our system, they can now convert the excess STP water into high quality potable water which is then transported to nearby industries. We have created a model that benefits apartments as well as industries.”

“We are excited to partner with Tankerwala to provide on-demand access to Whitewater. With their network of 1000+ tankers, it makes it very easy for industries and commercial establishments to access Whitewater on-demand”

Shravanth Donthi, Founder and CEO, Tankerwala, said, “Water is a finite resource and the only way to avoid running out of it is by reducing, treating and reusing what we already have. Through this partnership, we wanted to bridge the gap between apartment communities that have excess treated water and industries that need clean water for day-to-day usage. Boson Whitewater and Tankerwala have a shared vision to improve accessibility of water across the country. We strongly believe in building partnerships that will enable us to find solutions to water crisis”

Boson Whitewater system is currently installed in Pramuk Aqua Heights and SJR Verity in Electronic City, Brigade Orion Mall, RMZ Corp, Soul Space Arena, Vakil Housing and Development Corporation.

About Boson Whitewater

Boson Whitewater, a water utility company, was founded with an aim to change the way industries, IT Parks, malls, and apartment communities recycle their wastewater. Founded in 2011 by Vikas Brahmavar and Gowthaman Desingh, Boson Whitewater converts water from sewage treatment plants into potable high quality water that can be used for household purposes, centralised air conditioning in commercial buildings, and even for drinking.

About Tankerwala

Tankerwala mobile application has enabled millions of people across the country to conveniently order for water on-demand. They are also creating a positive impact on the families of their suppliers by improving their business operations and increasing their market reach. The company is closely involved in water recycling and waste management projects across the country. They also recycle over 50 million litres of water every day.

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