Meet StarClinch, A VC Funded e-Markeplace for Entertainment Industry

There's no doubt that booking live performers can be a daunting task. The media and entertainment industry is highly unstructured which makes it difficult to find the right artist for an event, be it corporate, private or campus.

For years, StarClinch has been seen as a secret weapon of many users, especially when they are short of time and are looking for immediate and trustworthy solutions. is an easy-to-use online discovery and booking platform which allows users to book any kind of live entertainment in just a few clicks. The most popular entertainment options include singers, live bands, stand-up comedians, anchors/emcees, celebrities, dancers, DJs, etc. 

The platform makes it easier for individuals, event planners, corporations, and many other organizations to select from a range of 13k+ artists across 14 categories for more than 16+ event types.

However, these are not the StarClinch secrets that have made it as successful and popular as it is today. They are, without a doubt, the strengths and USPs of this unique artist booking platform but their secret weapon is something else.

StarClinch has a vast network of contacts personally maintained by the sales ninja team, making the booking process personalized and effective for a user's various special occasions. As a result, inviting your favorite artists has never been easier. 

MD and CEO of StarClinch, Mr. Varun Agrawal says,
Booking entertainment through us is as easy as ordering a smartphone from Amazon. We are the largest marketplace for artists and have earned a solid and trustworthy reputation in the industry.

Another secret of StarClinch is its vision of sustainability, surety and solution oriented approach to the entertainment ecosystem. A lesser-known fact about the PAN India functional startup is that it helps aspiring artists find work by allowing them to create their profiles on the website. As an artist, it can be tough to keep track of all the bookings coming up. They need to be in multiple places at the same time and keep track of the potential work opportunities. They rarely get the time to get it all done in the day.

The website has a separate domain known as the "Artist Cockpit," where artists can post pictures and videos about their gigs and previous work. The platform allows artists to post links to their YouTube channels so that users can view the style of work and way of performing. This attracts users, who will eventually book the artists for their events. The artist's profile gives users insight into the artist's work and gives them confidence and satisfaction in the artist they will be hiring.

The benefits of using StarClinch are numerous. The most important and perhaps the one which leaves an everlasting impression is the fact that this marketplace creates a community of artists who caters to the user's specific needs. As a "one-size-fits-all" solution, StarClinch is a single platform which accommodates all entertainers at one place. With thousands of talented performers at the user's fingertips, it is guaranteed to find the perfect fit for their events.

With the exception of the performance fee set by the artists themselves, StarClinch is an ‘Upwork/Fiverr of the entertainment industry’ helping freelancing artists make their space in the gig economy and simultaneously giving Individuals a platform to book artists ONLINE through the web app for their events. So be sure to check them out if you're looking to hire a celebrity for your next event!

How to Get Started With StarClinch

Step 1 - Head to the website and search the artist/celebrity you're looking to book.

Step 2 - Fill out a simple form with your contact information, event details and the Artist you wish to book and post your requirement.

Step 3 - You would receive a call back from the Sales Ninjas.
They would provide you with a wide range of options to choose from well within your prescribed budget.

Step 4 - Confirm the Artist you want to book and receive the required details like Confirmation and Invoice on your email and whatsapp. Step 5 : Make the payment online and enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions.

Step 6 : Enjoy the show

StarClinch Success Stories

India's work culture is undergoing a significant change. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused rapid digitalization, hybrid working practices, strong startup ecosystem, and dynamic talent landscape that have all changed the labor market. The lines between work and play are becoming more and more hazy in the workplace, and is undergoing a paradigm transition. The pandemic liberated the systematic work structures from the confines of the office and resulted in the unlocking of the gig economy.

To keep up with the interruptions of COVID-19, corporate organizations almost immediately switched to remote working arrangements in order to avoid further delays of project completion, retention of clients and customers, and other significant losses. However, the pandemic left a long lasting impression on the mental health of employees and made it challenging for them to handle social isolation and burnout from increased work stress.

StarClinch undertook a few case studies to avoid stagnation amongst the employees and corporate work culture and pitched them the StarClinch Solution. 

BYJU’s is the world's largest edu-tech company with an intensive salesforce. BYJU’S used to thrive in the work environment that they created before the pandemic. They have a young crowd and a very chilled out atmosphere.


The required sales targets were hectic and mind consuming for their employees. Thus, making a fall in the company’s employee headcount by 9% (approx.)

StarClinch observed that the biggest challenge BYJU’s faced, was absence of an effective 'Relaxation Quotient' in their organization.

StarClinch solution

We suggested their HR with certain employee engagement activities. These were:
  • Transformational workshops
  • About 6 motivational sessions with Kamalini Roy
  • Customized workshops to address 'Pain Points'
  • Mind readers


The prescribed activities proved to be of great help. BYJU’s gradually recorded a significant downfall of 15.6% in their attrition rate. By 2021, BYJU’s had a steep rise in its employee numbers.


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