Sustainable mobility startup Dandera Ventures today announced that popular actor, model, philanthropist and humanitarian Sonu Sood will be the Brand Ambassador for its forthcoming lineup of commercial Electric Vehicles (EVs). Dandera recently announced that it will be launching its first commercial EV in September.

Through this association, Sonu Sood will support Dandera in championing the cause and adoption of environmentally sustainable mobility, and also communicate the brand’s values and EV’s features and benefits to Dandera’s customers and other stakeholders.

Kshitij Bajaj, Cofounder and CEO of Dandera Ventures said, “Sonu and Dandera as a brand both believe in doing good for the people around us, and in protecting our planet for the future generations. All of us at Dandera have long admired his untiring humanitarian efforts and we are confident that like Sonu, Dandera as a brand will soon become synonymous with qualities like conviction and reliability.”

Dandera will launch its advertising campaign with Sonu as the face of its first EV in September 2022.

Dandera’s upcoming commercial EV will be targeted for use by independent delivery operators and last-mile delivery companies.

Sonu Sood said, “Dandera as a young startup has impressed me with their clear vision to protect our environment through its innovations in sustainable mobility, backed by their solid product roadmap, strategy and execution capabilities. I am glad to endorse their vision and firmly believe that together, we can make a meaningful difference to protecting our planet while simultaneously putting smiles on the faces of Dandera’s customers”.

Kanav Manchanda, Cofounder and COO of Dandera Ventures said, “We believe that Sonu’s support will go a long way in establishing Dandera as the commercial EV manufacturer of choice for millions of owners and drivers in the near future. We are equally excited to align our business and growth strategy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for ‘Make in India, for the world’.”

Dandera’s soon-to-be-launched EV will feature industry-leading performance and capacity benchmarks. The vehicle has been completely designed from the ground up as an EV. All parts and components, including the batteries will be fully manufactured in India, for both Indian and export markets.

About Dandera: 

Founded in 2018, Dandera is a sustainable mobility-focused startup with a vision to develop and market world-class sustainable mobility products from the ground up. The Founders of Dandera, Kshitij Bajaj and Kanav Manchanda are senior industry professionals with decades of experience in automotive design, business management and operations between them. Dandera is a portfolio company of Xponents Venture Studio and has raised capital from Xponents and its partners. For more information, please visit


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