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Onex Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India's leading Enterprise Mobility Solutions Company, today announced that the winners of Shark Tank India will be awarded with 200 million email credits. The Indian franchise of a popular entrepreneur-themed US-based reality show had a great run in its debut season and the second season is already announced. This grand award is worth Rs 3 crore which Onex Solutions, a Government of India recognized Start-up, is offering free of cost to all the winners of Shark Tank India. Onex appreciates and values the hustle of the entrepreneurs and is delighted to support them to reach their target clientele more effectively. The winning startup will be able to use these credits to reach its potential customers with targeted promotional campaigns and strengthen the business in ways it may not have previously imagined.
Entrepreneurial ventures require forward-thinking, risk-taking and a willingness to work hard. Whether it's an artistic venture or a commercial one, the start-up wants to show its wares to the prospects and must appeal to them. If a person has a great idea, he/she should be willing to give it life and put forth the effort needed to complete it. Onex understands the importance of being innovative in today's dynamic business environment. A start-up must be able to act quickly and reach out to people who would be interested in its products or services. Onex gives a shout out to all promising entrepreneurs of India, who believe in creating a future not only for themselves but for a brighter India.
On this occasion, Mr. Dipak H. Agarwal, Founding Director & CEO, Onex Solutions Pvt. Ltd., said, Businesses do not exist to create their own products or services to satisfy customer demand, but to produce offerings as per the customers' requirements. As entrepreneurs, we are continuously bound by obstacles and experience that the primary constraint we face is access to capital. Without start-up funding, our creative ideas are useless. Our second constraint is the lack of access to the most effective marketing strategies. Most businesses are not aware of how the market works beyond all its apparent possibilities. Such inexperience only leads to ineffective promotion and acts as a barrier against finding the right vendor at the minimum cost! Because businesses stand on two basic foundations: minimum cost and maximum profit.”
“We are very concerned with how internal issues affect external activities. It can limit one’s ability to market products. That's why it is a pleasure to work with Onex Solutions. We are efficiently ascending with a marketing opportunity for the ultimate sake of the budding start-ups participating in Shark Tank India. Our entrepreneurs realize that every moment and situation that life puts them into is a golden opportunity to be seized, to be grabbed right away, to be converted to something that fetches them true value! Hence, Onex brings you this beautiful marketing opportunity to help you reach your highs, but not at the cost of being blinded by your lows. Because, transparency is the key, and definitely our USP,” Dipak further added. 


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