How To Get Followers on Instagram

Today we will talk about how to behave for small and medium-sized businesses in SMM. In this article we will talk about the promotion of goods and services in a universal way — advertising.

Of course, you know that you can promote your companies using different methods. If the entrepreneur does not want to strain too much, then he can buy Instagram followers. This is a great way to develop an account in the early stages. But advertising can be used more often.

The formula for effective subscriber growth consists of following several principles. These principles also answer the question of how to prepare a profile for advertising.

The audience needs to understand why they subscribe to you

By going to the profile from advertising, the user spends just a couple of seconds to make an impression about the account.

It doesn't sound very good, but for a potential audience, you should always give explanations in advertisements as for children. The point is that the motive to subscribe should be obvious so that any person can understand it in a couple of seconds with a quick glance.

Your account must be: Beautiful + Informative + Unique. It is important to meet all three criteria, otherwise you risk not conveying your idea. In this case, you will not get an increase in the audience and you will only have to manually buy real Instagram followers on an ongoing basis.

Interesting content

Experts say that before advertising starts, you need to post 9-12 posts so that people can see that some content is already there. But the point here is not in quantity, but in quality. If you post 9 photos of the same type without content, it will not help you much.

Posts published before the start of advertising should first of all inform that here the user will read interesting content. It is for these purposes that it is appropriate to use the inscriptions on the photo, since a person should understand in 2 seconds what is interesting here.

Famous brand

If you are a famous person, then it is enough for you to make an advertisement with your name, and people will subscribe. The more famous your brand is, the less you can worry about creative ads and useful content.

Of course, you are unlikely to be a popular person. We do not skip the point about brand awareness, because it is important to understand not only who you are, but also who you are not. If you are weak in one aspect, then you need to act stronger and bolder in the other two.

Content alignment with brand spirit

In theory, you can sell anything to anyone. But it will be easier for you if you start from what you are selling.

If you sell perfume and it contains non-standard shades, and the founders of the brand themselves are from a fashion company, then this should be reflected in the content. It's a lot easier to narrow your audience down to fashionable youth and tailor content to them than it is to persuade older women to try a rather strange perfume.

Your task is to allow a potential client to make a decision on a subscription in a couple of seconds. The content should be such that subscribers to the account are mainly those who are not afraid of experiments.

Subscriber growth may not be huge, but the main value lies in the fact that it is literate, objective and can be scaled. It is better to attract 1500 people and know how to repeat it than to attract 5000 randomly and inexplicably.

Ability to convert

This section does not affect the success of attracting subscribers, but it affects how you benefit from them. That is, it is not mandatory, but desirable.

Advertising to attract subscribers has an advantage over advertising that leads immediately to a purchase on the site: by subscribing to your account, the user makes a conscious act of interest, and his fuse can immediately be enough to make a purchase.

The user's interest path looks like this:
  • The user saw the ad. At this stage, you have selected an audience that matches your brand, and showed a straightforward and interesting ad.
  • Pressed the button. The better your ad, the more users will click on the button and go to your account.
  • Rated the account. Here the user looks at the description of your profile in the header, skimming through the content and deciding whether he is interested or not. By itself, interest is difficult to assess and predict, but interest can be understood as the desire to open any of the posts. This is what photo captions are for. If the user has a desire to open a post, then the subscription seems to him a logical action.
  • Decided to subscribe. If everything is OK with the previous three principles, your audience subscribes to your account.


To gain a lot of followers for your business account on Instagram, you need to fill your profile with interesting content, constantly check the style of the content to match the spirit of the brand and the tastes of the target audience, and create original advertisements.


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