Do you want to start selling your product on Instagram but you don't know where to start? These recommendations from Lectera experts will help you build a competitive marketing strategy and start selling in a few days!

What you must do before launching your account

Formulate the goals of launching a business project on Instagram according to the SMART principle. According to it, each of your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. The goal, for example, may sound like: “increasing the potential buyers’ loyalty”, “improving brand awareness”, or simply “boosting sales"

Analyse competition. 

Which of your competitors already uses Instagram as a sales platform? Has it helped these companies increase their profits? What sales tactics do they use? What forms of content do they post? How do they interact with their followers? Create a table with detailed answers to these questions.

Find out which segment of your target audience uses Instagram on a daily basis. Write down the possible reasons why your audience uses this social network and think about what content you can offer based on its needs. For example, the need to take a break from the flow of negative news is “dealt with” by soft stories filled with useful information that is not tied to the agenda. And the need for knowledge is easily met with the help of large posts, live broadcasts, and the Reels feature.  

Analysing and drawing a portrait of a potential buyer who finds you on Instagram will be much easier if you make expert knowledge of marketing your main ally. Learn digital marketing online on the Lectera platform. There you will find a special course on Instagram marketing and methods of work with this platform. In just two hours, ”Instagram from scratch: from the registration to first sales” shares the main principles of sales in social media. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to create an account that will sell your product for years! The best part of it? It takes just one evening to learn it all.

Understand how Instagram works. 

What does a business account look like and what options are included in it? How does the algorithmic feed work, what content might be of interest to your future followers? What forms of content should you focus on — texts, educational posts, entertaining quizzes in stories, or maybe video?

Delve into the basics of UX. 

User Experience is just as important as your audience's buying habits. That is why the experts from the educational platform Lectera recommend to anticipatorily create several hypotheses related to the behaviour of users viewing your profile for the first time and test these hypotheses while creating the account.

Calculate your resources. 

High-quality, interesting and non-trivial content will have to be generated every day. Or at least a few times a week. To do this, you will have to either independently study the cases, learn how to run a page, create engaging stories and write posts, or outsource these tasks. In the second case, you will need to carefully select freelancers who are supposed to create content for your Instagram profile. Make sure they have all the competencies required to successfully launch the page. To work on a profile, you will need the services of an SMM specialist, a manager who is to reply to comments and respond to direct messages, a copywriter who will write texts, and a story maker specialising on engaging and selling stories. And don’t forget about a targeting specialist familiar with your niche!

What you should do after launching your account

Deal with coverage. 

Your task is to reach as many users as possible, inform them about attractive offers, “warn them up”, and turn them into customers. At this stage, it is advisable to acquire targeted ads or buy ads from bloggers whose audience matches your portrait of a potential buyer. Without targeted traffic, that is, an audience that is interested in your offer, your account will not be able to sell goods.

Work with the community. 

Build a community around your brand! Talk to your audience, resolve conflict situations, reply to comments, and respond to direct messages. This will increase your brand loyalty and user confidence. Try to give as detailed answers as possible, exceeding customer’s expectations. Explain how your product can help them, ask for the audience’s opinion, and never delete negative comments related to your product! See them as an opportunity to improve the quality of your product or service.

In the course Instagram from scratch: from the registration to first sales, Lectera experts tell about the ways of working with the community around the brand in more detail. You will know how to create a content plan and increase the audience. Learn digital marketing online with the new generation educational programmes and start developing your Instagram business today!

Integrate content marketing. 

Each of your posts and stories should either warm up the audience or sell your product. Warming up your followers is about raising interest in a product, explaining ways in which this product can solve customers’ problems, and demonstrating the benefits of the product. A warmed-up customer is ready to consider buying your product in case your content can deal with their objections.

At the same time, the content plan should be focused on both cold (the audience that doesn’t know you yet) and warm audiences. Keep in mind the viewers interested only in getting information, not buying. There are lots of them on Instagram, as this social network is often used for leisure and self-development.

Treat your Instagram page promotion like a full-fledged marketing campaign. A serious approach will ensure a quick start and will increase the sales of your product. And the special knowledge gained in Lectera online courses will help you learn digital marketing and surpass any competitor!

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