Dating Apps for People Who Care About Nature

You’ve no doubt heard that opposites attract. Allegedly, people with different interests, hobbies and positions in life complement each other, bring something new into the life of each other and broaden their horizons. However, everything isn’t quite so simple.

In some cases, differences between partners can be detrimental to relationships:
  1. Overly conservative views from one partner. When one person longs for complete control over the other and the second wants to retain complete freedom, this sooner or later leads to conflict.
  2. Lack of acceptance of differences. One way or another, people have to adapt to each other as a couple. But it doesn't always work out. As a result, it’s sometimes impossible to achieve a compromise that is comfortable for both.
  3. Dependence on other people's opinions. This is another very important factor that can greatly affect your relationship. You need to learn to distance yourself from other people’s opinions and defend your own position.
It turns out that opposites attract, but do not always get along together. So if you’re in search of a mate, we advise you to look for people with whom your interests and life position are in sympathy. Even if it's not an easy task.

Dating on the Internet and caring for nature — are they compatible?

dating and nature

Very compatible! Especially as in recent years, a lot of dating sites and applications have appeared that are made for a "green" audience. We thought we’d simplify your search a little and compile a list of these services for your reference:
  1. Vegaia — a popular dating site for vegetarians that has been operating since 2008. Registration here is free and simple — it takes literally just two minutes. According to the developers of Vegaia, there are more than 7,000 single vegetarians on the site who are interested in relationships. Of course, this is not as many as, for example, on Tinder or Badoo. But it’s much easier to meet like-minded people here.
  2. Dolfin — a dating site for people who love nature. In particular, they care about the cleanliness of the world's oceans. There are many people on the site who are fond of watersports and do their best to preserve the planet's water resources in their purest form. Dolfin is especially popular among surfers.
  3. Green Singles — a dating site for eco-activists who care about our environment. Among the interesting features of the site is the ability to choose how to search for a suitable pair — by postal code or by location. You can also choose the sexual orientation and age of a potential partner.
  4. Ecodate a fairly popular dating site for eco-conscious people who love nature, care about the environment and want to save the planet for future generations. The site is most popular in the UK, but gradually its reach is expanding.
  5. EliteSingles — not exactly an eco site, but definitely worth checking out. A unique algorithm for intellectual matchmaking is used here, which is able to accurately select the right match for you according to your interests and life values. Including taking into account your green position. According to the developers, more than 85% of EliteSingles users are people with higher education, so they tend to be more  conscious and responsible.
  6. MeetMindful — a dating platform for people who lead a healthy and green lifestyle, care for the environment, follow the rules of conscious eating, and so on. Each user can select their interests here for a more accurate search for a partner: yoga, personal growth, ecological lifestyle, volunteering, a conscious diet, creativity, and more.
This is only a small part of online dating services created for people with an environmentally friendly lifestyle and those who are looking for like-minded people. Although many of them can’t boast of an audience of millions, it is still possible to find the perfect match here. Even better, such sites are suitable for finding like-minded people and friends with the same interests. For example, to join your eco-project that needs support. But if your goal is just finding promising matches, it may be worth considering alternatives.

Should you limit yourself to the classic online dating format?

No, we’re convinced that it is not worth it. There are several reasons for this in the context of our today's topic:
  1. On dating sites and apps, people often embellish their profiles and give themselves the “right” interests and lifestyle, just to please others. In fact, it often turns out that this is an outright lie.
  2. The audience for "green" dating services is quite small. Using such platforms, you severely limit your potential social circle. As a result, you reduce the chances of a successful and promising interaction.
  3. The functionality of such sites, as a rule, is very poor. Small audience means a small income. It is simply unprofitable for the developers to actively develop new features. Adding video chat and other convenient features is usually out of the question.
You can use "green" dating sites and apps, but you should definitely not focus on them alone. If you want to expand your social circle, get to know your chat partners better and meet new people every day, look for an alternative. One of the best options is random video chat.

Random chat: changing the idea of online dating

The first random video chat sites began to appear in 2009. These were Omegle and Chatroulette. They allowed random users to communicate via video, discuss almost any topic, get to know each other and then meet in real life in order to develop relationships offline.

Subsequently, the format became extremely popular, and the number of random video chats has grown tenfold. Among the most famous sites today are Chatrandom, EmeraldChat, Chatspin, Bazoocam and

Random video chat has several important advantages over dating sites:
  1. Quick registration or even the ability to use the platform without registration.
  2. Convenient search filters for finding other users and unlimited skips (switching).
  3. Live video communication — as close as possible to a conversation in real life.
By chatting with a person in a random chat, you can learn much more about their interests, values, hobbies, way of speaking, and so on. And believe us, if they really care about nature rather than just claiming to, you will discover this very quickly.

Expand your dating site choices

We’re convinced that every format of dating and communication on the Internet has the right to exist. And we always say that a large selection of dating platforms is a plus. But it’s important to  understand that they are all very different, and so the audience for them can also be very different. Depending on your personal preferences, interests and goals, you should choose the most suitable sites for you.

Do not limit yourself to only themed sites and applications — try to expand your circle of potential acquaintances. You’ll be surprised how many interesting people you can meet on the web if you change the format of your searches a little. We hope you’ll find only pleasant meetings on the Internet and complete happiness!

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