vEmpire Launches Staking Pool for ApeCoin

Decentralized Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT investment organization vEmpire DDAO today announced the launch of a staking pool for the ApeCoin, with a triple-digit starting yield.

The ApeCoin is a brand new ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the wider Ape ecosystem, which has itself experienced tremendous growth throughout the past year.

Currently, the only use case for the ApeCoin is for governance, enabling the token holders to have a say in the ApeCoin DAO and to vote on how the ApeCoin DAO Ecosystem Fund should be used. However, by staking $APE with vEmpire, investors can earn interest on their holdings while also being exposed to the token launch in 2022.

When an investor stakes $APE, vEmpire will utilize the investor's stake by purchasing other Ape-based assets and playing games within the Ape ecosystem, with assistance from vEmpire’s Gaming Guild. By doing this, vEmpire can make investors’ $APE holdings productive, enabling them to earn passive income, which is not yet natively possible.

"Enabling our community to stake $APE is something that we believe will be groundbreaking. It enables investors to earn financial rewards on their $APE holdings in ways that even ApeCoin doesn’t have native functionality for. This will help contribute to making the investment in Metaverse assets more accessible, rewarding, and productive. The launch of the ApeCoin itself is revolutionary. However, being able to earn passive income on the ApeCoin before most others in the industry is what we believe will attract investors the most,” said Dominic Ryder, Founder & CEO of vEmpire.

"vEmpire is committed to offering the best investment opportunities to not only our community but the wider Metaverse & NFT communities too. This is just one of many more exciting staking pools coming this year," he added.

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