EdTech Startup Orphicy Launches Orphicy Marks Guarantee (OMG) for Their Class X Students
  • Orphicy Marks Guarantee (OMG) offers an assured score to students in their board exams.
  • The guaranteed score is calculated on the basis of class 9 results and a pre-admission test.
  • The program offers a full refund if the guaranteed score is not achieved
  • OMG has a dedicated module on making up for the loss of learning due to the pandemic pain
Ahmedabad-based EdTech start-up Orphicy specialising in live coaching of K-10 students has launched OMG- Orphicy Marks Guarantee. Rather than talking about abstract improvements, Orphicy promises to ensure a guaranteed score for the Class X board exams based on the student’s Class 9 marks and an assessment conducted by Team Orphicy online at the time of admission.

Upon entering the above two scores as inputs the OMG program generates an improved score which is then offered to the students and parents as a guaranteed score. Any student can find his guaranteed score on Orphicy’s website (www.orphicy.com). If a student prepares with Orphicy and is unable to achieve the guaranteed score in his Class X Boards, the company will refund the entire fees.

The Team of Orphicy

"Our past year experience has been nothing short of amazing. It was overwhelming to see students up their game by improving their scores drastically with our pedagogy. We have done it in the past and I believe my team has it in them to consistently do the same in the future so even at the cost of sounding overconfident we decided to roll on the Orphicy Marks Guarantee. We invite all students and parents to come and experience the Orphicy Learning Approach” said Vipul Tyagi, Co-founder & CEO.

Tyagi adds, “Education has never been easy and presently it's tougher than ever. The past two years have been tumultuous, and it would have a far-reaching impact on a child’s academics. Mass promotions or makeshift examinations have in a way resulted in faulty assessments. The problem would get even more pronounced for students who are going to appear for their Class 10 Board Exams in the coming Year.”

OMG does not offer vague suggestions for getting better results in their Class X exams rather it takes accountability for an enhancement in their performance.

A special digital campaign has also been designed and launched to inform students about the OMG programme. Ujjwal Nagar, Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer shares, “We have created a campaign to educate, entertain and engage with students and parents. The idea is to talk about in OMG on a lighter note with our audience. I don’t want to reveal much, I would rather, you see it first-hand”

About Orphicy

Orphicy (Orphic Learning Private Limited) is an Ahmedabad-based Education Startup led by seasoned academicians with over a decade of experience. After having helped thousands of students in their undergraduate and post-graduate competitive and entrance exams journey, the team wanted to add more value by being able to connect with young students in their formative years. The result of this quest was Orphicy.

The startup offers education modules empowered using visualisation methods, live interactions, analytics, and psychometric analysis to achieve the desired results. They also provide dedicated career guidance to each student.

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