* The day marked the successful completion of 3 years of Project Hilldaari  * Clean up Drives organised across 4 Hilldaari locations in India * A short film celebrating the 3rd Anniversary Project Hilldaari released on digital platforms MUMABI, India, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the leading plastic waste management projects running across India, Project Hilldaari celebrated its 3rd Anniversary on UN International Mountain Day by organising clean up drives across 4 hill cities. The aim is to spread the message of no littering and responsible waste disposal practices among the residents. Hills are affected most due to the huge inflow of tourists. Clean ups in hills are also vastly different from clean ups done in plains. Vaibhav Patel from Hilldaari Dalhousie shared the details, "Clean ups are not so easy in hill cities unlike plains. You need to climb down to slopes some times tying ropes to the bellies, taking all the necessary precautions including use of modern equipment. When people see this and become a part of the process, there is a new found respect they feel for our waste workers who do this on regular basis. When people commit not to litter, that makes our day." Project Hilldaari, supported by Nestlé India, implemented by Stree Mukti Sangathan with tech support from Recity Network Pvt. Ltd. is on a mission to build inclusive, contextualised and resilient models of plastic waste management in tourist cities of India. Currently operational in 6 cities (Mussoorie, Nainital, Dalhousie, Mahabaleshwar, Ponda and Munnar), the project has reached out to 35976 residents educating them on the importance of waste segregation and no-littering behaviour in last three years. Project Hilldaari has also professionalised 546 waste workers across cities, enabling urban local bodies to provide efficient collection services and achieving real-time visibility and transparency in their daily operations through technology interventions. Three-year journey of Hilldaari in these 6 cities and the impact made on the lives of people is beautifully captured in a 3-minute short documentary film. The short film is also released on the occasion and is available across multiple platforms:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBpzMuGfn5I  Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Sanjay Khajuria, Director - Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India said, "I am pleased to see the project has not only united stakeholders across cities with an ambition to work towards clean cities but has also brought in diverse experts together. These experts have been catalyst in infusing technology into the city waste management system, bringing in transparency and operational efficiency. The project has been instrumental in diversion of over 15000 Tons of waste including plastic from landfills." Adding further in the similar vein, Mr Akhilesh Mohan, DGM and Project Lead, Recity Network, said, "The past three years of Hilldaari have been fulfilling. We have deployed QR codes across 23616 property units and are in a process of tracking the movement of waste from households to end of life through digital technology." The clean up drives have been conducted at 4 hill cities i.e. Mussoorie, Nainital, Dalhousie, and Mahabaleshwar. 198 people have been participated at these drives across cities, collecting 1592 KGs of dry waste. The collected dry waste has been sold to recyclers for further processing.   About Project Hilldaari Hilldaari is an initiative supported by Nestlé India to develop inclusive, contextualised and resilient models for solid and plastic waste management, in the tourist cities of the country. It is currently being implemented in Mussoorie, Nainital, Dalhousie, Ponda, Mahabaleshwar and Munnar by Stree Mukti Sanghatana, with Recity Network Private Limited as the technical partner. The initiative has facilitated the diversion of 15070 metric tons of waste from landfills and is progressively working towards professionalizing 554 waste collectors and informal waste pickers through a multi-collaborative approach with municipal councils, citizens, contractors, waste workers, and influencers. For Media releases and more information visit – Project Hilldaari - www.facebook.com/hilldaari, www.instagram.com/hilldaari   @Hilldaari www.twitter.com/hilldaari   Nestle' India - www.nestle.in   Stree Mukti Sanghatana  - www.streemuktisanghatana.org   Recity Network Pvt Ltd - www.recity.in    

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