Priced at an affordable range, these cycles offer sustainable transportation solutions

In a major boost to sustainability, Milind Soman, actor, producer and fitness enthusiast, launched electric cycles by Lifelong Online, a leading consumer durables brand, in Gurgaon. Combining state-of-the art design with sustainable technology, the Lifelong electric cycles are priced at a very affordable range. Targeted for urban users from metropolitan as well as Tier II & III cities, the cycles are meant to provide a cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to petrol or diesel-guzzling transport. With an estimated 7 paise/Km travel cost and no carbon emissions, these electric cycles are one of the most cost-effective transport modes in the market today.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Bharat Kalia, CEO & Co-Founder, Lifelong Online, said, “Lifelong Online has always been at the forefront of tech innovation to help solve the daily problems faced by Indian consumers. With sustainability emerging as a chief concern, we were focused on delivering a product that can make a tangible difference to their life. The Lifelong electric cycles are the culmination of months of intensive R&D to finetune the design and functionality of the product. Throughout this, our aim was to ensure that our customers benefit from cutting-edge technology in a product that is highly functional and cost-effective. We have taken care to keep our price points extremely affordable.”

Milind Soman congratulated Lifelong Online on its latest launch, saying, “With our cities becoming congested with highly polluting vehicles, it is high time that we look for alternative solutions. As a fitness enthusiast, I look forward to any solution that can help in clearing up our highly polluted cities. Lifelong Online’s electric cycles are not only sustainable; they are also highly affordable, which ensures higher chances of consumer interest. As a leading manufacturer of consumer goods, Lifelong Online is already well known for its high-quality, cutting-edge products. With these cycles they can now make an even deeper and more sustained impact on the quality of our life.”

The electric cycles have a range of up to 25 kms range per charge. With a charge time of 4 hours, these cycles are easy to charge at home with charge time of 4-6 hours. These are available in four riding modes: Full Speed (at 25 Kms/hr), assist mode (upto 90% electric assist), cruise battery power mode and standard pedal mode. With no carbon emissions, these cycles meet the strictest criteria for sustainable commute. The cycles come in alloy frame, anti-skid pedals, and dual discs for stability and control along with Hi-tensile steel frame, and Dual disc brakes and front suspension. With 0% carbon emission makes it the smartest commute choice for you.

About Lifelong Online

Lifelong Online is one of India’s leading direct to consumer brands for consumer durable products. Inspired by consumers, our products are developed keeping our insights of the modern Indian consumer’s lifestyle at the core of the design. As we reimagine everyday living, our products strongly resonate with our consumers, establishing our strong presence across multiple categories, starting from Home & Kitchen, Lifestyle, Fitness, Healthcare, and extending to IoT Devices. 

At Lifelong Online, we run the complete D2C flywheel, with a technology backbone that secures customer feedback across multiple touchpoints, demonstrating effective marketing and communication campaigns, managing a diverse multi-country factory base across, a pan-India customer service network, and robust capabilities of e-commerce fulfilment at multiple locations across India. This allows us to continuously innovate and improve customer experience and grow into all categories present in our customers' homes. Our deep integration with Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, and other modern trade outlets has ensured that Lifelong Online delivers on its promise to be accessible, available, and affordable for all its customers. Lifelong Online was founded by Atul Raheja, Varun Grover, and Bharat Kalia in 2015.


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