Keka HR, the market leading HR tech platform for SME businesses in India, raised $1.6MN non-dilutive growth capital through Recur Club

The SME HR Tech space leader Keka is making waves after raising $1.6 million non-dilutive revenue funding. The feat was achieved through trading subscriptions made on Recur Club, which enables companies to access capital growth.

Through this, Keka leads the Indian companies in paving the pathway to use non-dilutive funding for scaling its business, the company said. With 4750+ customers in India, Keka aims to take its expertise to the other countries in 2022 with a major global expansion.

Though revenue-based funding was a known phenomenon, Keka has become the pioneer in driving attention towards it for other SaaS companies to utilize its advantage. Revenue funding allows businesses to scale without having to depend on venture capitalists and giving away part of company ownership.

The revenue generated from Recur Club is going to be invested in Marketing, Sales and the further growth possibilities of Keka in the world. This heralds a new Era of frugal and sustainable growth in the midst of 6 month olds becoming Unicorns through accessible funding.

Keka, an HR automation software, started in 2015 with the mission of solving complex HR challenges. It earned accolades for thriving despite being a bootstrapped company. The company looks forward to be the torch bearer for all bootstrapped startups with this new age financing.

Speaking about the funding and its utilization, Vijay Yalamanchili, CEO of Keka mentions, "Non-dilutive funding will become the norm for bootstrapped SaaS companies in the world. SaaS founders should focus on building Awesome experiences and not run after investment rounds, which often cuts their ownership margin and control of the company. The raised funding will be invested in hiring and expanding the company further across geographies. We intend to hire 200-300 more employees in the next financial year and this funding will be utilized to make the hiring season successful.”

Keka has openings in almost every department as it aims to grow the employee count to support the company in its next leg of growth. With its head office in Hyderabad, India, the company aims to make its presence felt across the globe and cater to the SME industry in the US too along with the Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern nations.d;’

As for Recur Club, it is the leader in India when it comes to revenue financing. Bootstrapped startups can get access to a significant amount of capital to supercharge their journey before they turn to Venture Capitalists’ money.

Recur Club is Asia’s first and only trading platform for companies with recurring revenue streams that gives access to growth capital at the click of a button. It connects companies directly with institutional investors to trade their subscriptions for upfront cash - it’s like your monthly or quarterly customers just paid you upfront instantly. Recur Club partners with companies by unlocking fast, flexible, transparent, and non-dilutive capital at every stage of their journey and provides an ecosystem to amplify their growth.

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