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Built on a vision of making Indian kitchens healthy, The Indus Valley smartly blends science with traditional wisdom. With a goal to provide great customer experience, The Indus Valley has made some great strides with its operations. Transparency, reliability and innovation being the main pillars for The Indus Valley. They are constantly driven up to give nothing less than the best to its valued customers.

Since its inception in 2016, much transformation has been witnessed by the company’s backbone, the warehousing operations. From a small verandah of the Founder, Madhumitha’s 2BHK apartment in Moulivakkam, to the present warehouse base of 13K Sq.Ft. - The Indus Valley has been successful in making a wider reach, with inventive business strategies and ethical measures, only for the sake of achieving customers’ overall satisfaction.

Immensely obsessive about being customer centric, the company has always put forth the interest of its customers while simultaneously focusing on the welfare of its own workforce. Even in challenging situations, like the Covid-19 lockdown, enough thought process went behind the operations by following proper protocols. The health and well-being of employees were given utmost importance during these tough times. Besides checking body temperatures of the employees on a daily basis, the company ensured that the majority of the staff members received at least one dose of vaccination. As they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, there were positive developments during the Covid-19 lockdown. There was a steep rise in customer orders and to meet high demands, the company ensured to be backed with a strong customer support and logistics team.

The warehouse operations, time and again, have been consistent in reinventing itself and pushing boundaries. Advanced technology, automated systems and well-trained staff were all put in place for seamless functioning of the warehouse and maintaining the quality of products. With the introduction of the ‘Bin Card’ system, a stronger inventory management system proved highly beneficial, whereas, heavy-duty racks and utilised stackers ensured better stock management in limited space as well as faster operations. Commencement of shifting a portion of the inventory to third-party warehouses (closer to customer location) was one of the path breaking initiatives in the history of field operations in The Indus Valley. This promptly resulted in optimal delivery timelines and reduced RTOs (Return to Origin). In the case of Amazon, stocks started getting shifted to Amazon warehouses across cities.

So far, the company has been consistent and passionate about seeking newer initiatives and innovations - with the ultimate goal of meeting customers’ requirements, demands and satisfaction. The Indus Valley is thus diligently moving forward to continue to extend the best shopping experience to its customers. Without customer love and support, this would just be a dream...

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