In a bid to mitigate risks associated with trading the volatile cryptocurrencies market, Alpha Impact on Thursday launched its copy-trading platform, which allows community members to connect with top-performing traders to copy their trades.

Apart from copying the trades of seasoned traders, community members, especially beginners, can also access the latest news from crypto experts, and learn the art of crypto investing through masterclasses and guides. In turn, traders on the platform benefit from growing a follower base as a trusted opinion leader, which allows them to earn passive income from subscriptions and via a revenue share model that lets them earn a commission for each trade.

“There is too much noise and too much volatility from unqualified people hyping or hating coins. We want to remove that noise and educate people about crypto trading and value investing by building a hub for investment insights where users can identify a top trader based on the trader’s actual trading history, and copy that expert’s trades through our platform,” said Hayden Hughes, CEO of Alpha Impact.

“The goal is to allow people to invest smarter in cryptocurrencies, by connecting with the industry’s best traders with performance history and proven statistics; and the best part is, people do not need to put money on our platform to copy traders–– they can copy traders from their existing Binance or investment account.”

Unlike other copy-trading platforms, Alpha Impact focuses on transparency and interaction between followers and traders. While other copy-trading platforms keep traders anonymous, Alpha Impact encourages traders to become key influencers and bridges communication between followers and traders, aiming to not only simplify copy trading but empower people to profit from cryptocurrencies by providing an educational platform where traders can explain their rationale behind trades and discuss strategies and industry news.

$IMPACT is the utility token used to manage the interaction between traders and investors in the platform. Investors that hold it will have access to impactful insights and traders' best strategies. Traders will benefit from rewards and fees payment in $IMPACT. Alpha Impact will soon be launching an NFT series as well. The NFTs, which will unlock copy trading functionality within the platform, will require the $IMPACT token.

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