Partners with Knolskape, Imarticus, Momenta, Humanlinks and Glow for various courses and skilling programs

New Delhi, August 31: WiT-ACE today announced that it has launched the online version of Wocademy – its capability-building academy targeted especially at women professionals. Wocademy is a unique ed-tech platform offering women learning opportunities across the training and mentoring ecosystem. After an extensive research carried out by WiT-ACE on how women learn and support sought by them for skilling, Wocademy was launched as a pilot in early 2021 and has so far delivered over 650 training & mentoring sessions to over 1800 women professionals for organisations like Mindtree, NICE, DBS, Akamai, WEP, Whatsapp, IBM and Fiserv. After further affirmations with companies, offerings of Wocademy are now available digitally through the Wit-Ace platform starting august 2021.

Wocademy Online offers over 100 self-paced as well as live instructor-led programs, focused on self enhancement, life stage enablement along with functional and technical skill upgradation courses for women professionals looking to transition into a senior role, returning to work after a break or looking for a career switch. The programs are all designed with the core goal of making their journey to the boardroom much easier.

Apart from offering its proprietary programs that address challenges and needs that are unique to women as they navigate through different stages of their life, WiT-ACE has also partnered with learning platforms like Knolskape, Imarticus, Momenta, Humanlinks and Glow to offer a wider range of learning and skilling opportunities through Wocademy Online.

Ms Anuranjita Kumar, Founder & CEO of WiT ACE said, "Through Wocademy, we are not just aiming at reskilling or upskilling these women, but rather preparing them to choose their own career paths without undue compromises. Wocademy is also designed to create an immersive learning journey for individuals and businesses, through a practitioner’s perspective, with a focus on competency mapping, succession planning and capability development."

Wocademy Online offers programs under three broad categories of tech skills, soft skills, and functional skills. The tech skills programs offered include AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Cyber Security and IoT, among others, while the soft skills programs focus on leadership and personal skills development. Functional skills programs include Project Management, Product Management, Digital Marketing and Strategic Management among others. It will also soon offer online assessments for tech and soft skills.

“We have curated specialized courses on crucial life skills and personal development for these women, who typically have to put their careers on hold while navigating several major events in their lives, including marriage and childbirth. Wocademy is a platform for them to rebuild their confidence in themselves, keep their professional aspirations firmly in place and most importantly learn to believe that they truly can have it all,” added Anuranjita.

"The focus on skills that are relevant to the industry while also enhancing other personal skills and self confidence will resonate with businesses and consumers. It is wonderful to be associated with an ed-tech enterprise that targets such a pertinent need. We look forward to support WiT-Ace with Wocademy and all its endeavors that help retain and grow women in the workforce.” says Jagdish Moorjani, Co-Founder & COO, Citiustech and Investor at WiT-Ace

"When my organisation enrolled me into the “Can I Have it All” program with Wocademy, I was very apprehensive but I am pleasantly surprised how it has helped me. In just a few weeks, I was able to come back to full time work from a half day and simultaneously started to manage both home and work with a little more ease. I also realised that it is ok to not do everything perfectly and that I am allowed imperfections. The confidence session helped me overcome my fears and hesitations and push myself to raise the bar. Even though it was difficult for me to accept, the sessions were an eye opener for me to recognise what I needed.” – Nidhi Aggarwal, Senior Tech Lead with 9+ years experience at a Tech outsourcing MNC.

About WiT-ACE

Women in Technology (WiT India)-ACE (Accelerated Career Experience for Women) is a platform focused on increasing women participation in the STEM workforce. WiT partners with organisations and works with communities of women at workplaces, colleges and schools to ensure that women talent transitions into a capable workforce. The platform aims to be a change agent for more gender-balanced workplaces with a mission to bring a pivotal change in individual mindsets and at workplaces that enable women to be in 50% decision making roles

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