Mumbai, Maharashtra, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The SecondBTC team has announced itself as the first order book exchange with decentralized login. According to the team, users can use the trusted and secure decentralized crypto exchange without using the conventional login details: password and email.

On the contrary, users can access the exchange with MetaMask and wallet connect and start trading without restrictions. And can also log in through the wallet to connect effortlessly. The different login options help remove the login challenges that may arise when a user misplace or lose their login details.

First Semi-Decentralized Exchange

Amongst many achievements, another feature in the cap is becoming the first semi-decentralized exchange, a feat that makes it one of the leading crypto currency exchanges. The exchange’s users can only make deposits with coins and tokens, not fiat currencies.

Prospective users are also encouraged by the exchange’s policy of not going through the rigorous Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and thus enable new members to access the exchange easily.

What is more, the SecondBTC leadership team encourages prospective members with its low trading fee: 0.1%. That’s reassuring users that they won’t sacrifice a substantial part of their capital as a trading fee or for other charges.

The Transparency & Control To Public

SecondBTC also ensures that users can make deposits and access their funds at will. The exchange places no limit on withdrawal and deposit so that users can fund their accounts or withdraw their funds at their convenience. So, you can fund your account with as much money as you want to withdraw any amount of money from your account without restriction.

The team has also achieved another first as it becomes the first semi-decentralized exchange, a feat that makes it one of the leading crypto currency exchanges. The exchange’s users can only make deposits with coins and tokens, not fiat currencies. This is to encourage more participation through digital currencies.

According to the leadership of the India-based exchange that has offered crypto currency investors across the globe a credible trading and investment platform since 2018, users can deposit funds instantly without going through the harrowing experience that most users are accustomed to on substandard exchanges, although the individual’s network performance plays a significant role in the ease and speed of making a deposit.

The SecondBTC team also announced that withdrawal is manual on the exchange. So, users are in absolute control of their withdrawals and can access their funds whenever they want. More so, all deposited funds are credited to the user’s wallet. That gives them absolute power over their funds for whatever purpose they intend to use it.

For security purposes, the team revealed that they don’t keep wallet private keys on the exchange. Each user is responsible for the security of their wallet and is advised to implement the most secure security measure to safeguard their asset.

SecondBTC supports Binance and Ethereum tokens for listing on the exchange. As a user, the exchange allows you to choose a convenient interaction language while using the platform, especially if you are struggling with the English Language. The other language options include Indonesia, Espanyol, and Turkish.

Limited number of Cryptocurrencies

The team also revealed that it supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies, limited to high prospects to ensure that its users have better chances of trading digital assets that promise them high potentials to make a profit.

It also encourages more investors through its low transaction fees that allow users to transact more crypto volumes without high charges taking a huge chunk of their investment capital.

The SecondBTC leadership also gives their users a sense of belonging by handling their concerns with professionalism, addressing their issues promptly, and paying attention to their observations. They explained that the exchange’s customer support is on top of each situation and allays investors’ fears while ensuring they have the best investment platform to operate from.

Important Feature

- Low Trading Fee

- Easy Deposit Asset from Metamask or Uisng Wallet Connect

- No KYC Exchange, No deposit and withdrawl Limit

- Deposited asset is 100% safe .

- Metamask and Wallet connect login

- Keep your Identity secret.

- Support Ethereum and Binance Smart chain Token

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