A defining competitive differentiator in the banking sector is the customer experience (CX) offered by a bank. Some of the most common benefits of investing in customer experience include greater wallet share and higher rates of recommendation. The need of the hour for the players in the banking sector is to take a more discerning look at their services and offerings and streamline them in a manner that results in a personalized experience every time a customer visits the banks or avails its services remotely. The only possible solution in this regard is integrating varied technologies that comprehensively enhance the whole banking experience for the stakeholders and more importantly the customers. Let’s take a look at a few such new-age platforms that are designed to enhance CX in the ever-growing banking sector.


It is always a wise move for banks and financial institutions to transform customer experience by digitizing the customer support system. CXInfinity, which is an AI-driven omni-channel customer engagement platform, can help banks win and retain the trust of their customers through personalized real-time engagement. A customer can reach out to a bank through varied channels such as Email, WhatsApp, SMS, voice chat or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and this is exactly where CXInfinity can come handy by letting the customer representatives engage through any channel. The platform offers a secure cloud and on-premise installation along with end-to-end encryption. Besides, the agents do not need to switch screens as they get an integrated view of every conversation over time. It also allows third party integration.


ThirdEye is a platform that leverages AI applications and big data technologies to transform customer experience when it comes to banking. While it implements end-to-end big data solutions through data sciences solutions with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning seamlessly baked into it. The platform further offers data analytics services that allows banks to improve operational efficiencies so that customers do not need to run from pillar to post for their different objectives. Apart from it, banks can be equipped with the platform to transform organizational knowledge into insights, which would help them devise their customer engagement strategies.


FaceX is an established name when it comes to face recognition SDKs and APIs. The platform’s services and offerings can be utilized by banks to implement facial recognition into their applications without any hassles. This gains much importance owing to the prolonged impact of the ongoing pandemic where anything contact-less is considered the best alternative. With high accuracy face recognition APIs and SDKs that require minimal coding, FaceX can revamp the way customers interact with banks. If the technology offered by FaceX is integrated, customers can simply use their face as the tool for all verifications, which is a must for all banking activities.

Appy Pie

This global no-code platform offers a plethora of services that can improve customer experience in the banking sector in a comprehensive manner, especially with regard to mobile banking. With the help of this platform, banks can get a one-stop destination for the development of banking apps, websites, chatbots and also advanced automation solutions; all these without the hassles of coding. What the customers end up getting is round the clock availability of customer support, instant access to all banking services via app and thus, complete control over their finances. All that the customers need to do is login to the banking app and tap through all services required.

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