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Hailing from Himmat Nagar in Gujarat, Manu Patel’s vision has always been ahead of his time. A spiritual & motivational speaker, a social activist has now established himself in different regions of the world. However, being an Indian and his love for a better Indian society could never be taken away from him. He keeps investing his time and fortune along with his brothers Mahesh Patel & Ashok Patel (USA) to create a space for a better society without any expectation. His vision is to create a community that is full of spirit and joyous. 
His flagship foundation is ‘Shri Prannath Global Consciousness Mission’ which is associated with many charitable institutions that keep helping people from all religions, caste & creeds. It also empowers them to do better in their own lives. He believes in recreating stories about great Indian Characters. With his unparalleled love for the History of India, he produced a popular television show “Shri Prannath Ji” which became an instant hit among the audience & it is still being rejoiced by millions of people world-wide. Manu Patel’s next as a Producer is recently released MX Player’s Chhatrasal which highlights the epic battle between Maharaja Chhatrasal of Bundelkhand and Mughal Tyrant Aurangzeb.
We aim to bring forth stories of glorified India and Chhatrasal is one of them. Not many are aware that he was the prime reason for pushing Aurangzeb from capturing the Bundelkhand region. He is a celebrated king till date and people follow his preaching throughout India with the blessings of his guru Shri Prannath Ji. With the show, we highlight many such moments and characters who definitely deserve a mention and recognition for the sacrifice they have done for the Indian continent. This show is in a way my give way to the society in form of learning and education about our country’s heroes. It gives me unexplainable pleasure to do something for the society, Without rich literature and content no society can flourish socially & spiritually, says Manu Patel.
Manu Patel states that his whole life is inspired by Shri Prannath Ji & his divine tartam knowledge who was the divine guru of Maharaja Chhatrasal. He recently even launched which is a website dedicated to everyone who wants to know more about the life & times of ‘Maharaja Chhatrasal Bundela”
Manu Patel along with Raman Patel (U.S.A.) and Narendra Patel (U.S.A.) are the founders of “Shri Prannath Global Consciousness Mission” under which they released magnum opus web series ‘Chhatrasal’ which is currently streaming on MX PLAYER worldwide. One can watch it free of cost by just downloading the Mx Player App on their smartphones. The series has a stellar star cast like Ashutosh Rana, Neena Gupta, Jitin Gulati, Manish Wadhwa, Vaibhavi Shandilya and more. The series is directed By Anadii Chaturvedi.


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