Public Media Solution, a noted digital marketing and PR firm has taken the initiative to combine the two seemingly unrelated services seed funding and digital marketing to provide an ideal bouquet of services to its clients.

Ravinder Bharti - Seed-funding and Digital Marketing

The firm started providing seed funding services once the country was hit with the pandemic to help passionate and visionary entrepreneurs set up their businesses. The decision was taken by Ravinder Bharti, the Founder and CEO of Public Media Solution, to boost the economy by leveraging the startup culture and ending the struggles of aspiring businessmen made worse by the COVID situation.

He says, "Interacting with a range of startups across the country made me realize the importance of having a sense of direction in order to establish a business, no matter how small it is. When it comes to seed funding, India has many independent financers and dedicated institutions that are ready to fund new ventures. However, the investors rarely provide the right guidance and a sense of direction to the new entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and carve their nice in the industry. Our seed funding services were designed to change this approach regarding seed funding in India."

Now that the second wave of COVID is coming to an end, Mr. Bharti believes that aspiring entrepreneurs can get their dreams fulfilled by obtaining the required finances with the help of Public Media Solution.

Along with providing seed funding services, Public Media Solution has decided to offer additional help to budding entrepreneurs by assisting them with digital marketing. The company's original forte being PR and digital marketing, Mr. Bharti believes that this blend of services would his clients with the best of both worlds.

He says, "We have decided to take our seed funding services a step further by helping our clients with digital marketing. As they enter the industry, new entrepreneurs are often confused when it comes to spreading their word in the most effective manner. In 2021, it is extremely important for a business to stand out from the clutter. Keeping this in mind, we will be providing a range of digital marketing services to our clients, including SEO, SMO, content writing services, online PR, and much more."

With this initiative, Public Media Solution aims at boosting the startup culture in the country. The company believes that this would help them bring about a shift in the attitude of investors and aspiring entrepreneurs towards securing visionary business ideas and encouraging young entrepreneurs in following their dreams.

About Public Media Solution

Public Media Solution is a digital marketing and PR company based in Pune. The company provides services like search engine optimization, social media optimization, PPC advertising, online PR, and more to clients located across the globe.


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