Planify has recently opened its doors to bring onboard the rapidly emerging star in the Crude Coal tar Industry, VCI Chemical Industries.

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Shubham Gupta CEO VCI Chemical Industries

Planify-backed Startups have a portfolio valuation of over Rs. 1600 Cr. across 6 companies.

VCI Chemicals is involved in the production of specialty chemicals products i.e. Coal Tar Pitch (commonly known as CTP) and high-grade Distillates. The company has a 1.1 Lakh MTPA Coal tar Distillery on 31.1-acre land in Kalinganagar, Orissa. CTP is a key ingredient used in the Aluminium smelter industry.

The company aims to substitute 20%-25% of the CTP requirement in the Middle Eastern market which currently relies 100% on Chinese imports.

Current Scenario of the Carbon Specialty Chemicals Industry

Demand - Supply Gap of Coal Tar Pitch in Middle East Countries:

  • Demand: CTP demand of the Middle-east Market (2nd Globally) is at 5,70,000 TPA (Tonne per Annum) (estimated to be ~ 8,00,000 TPA by FY27).

  • Supply: 55,000 TPA of this demand would be met by VCI.

  • Demand - Supply Gap of High-Grade Distillates in India: Current demand for high-grade distillates in India is at ~ 23,000TPA. 8,000 TPA of this demand would be met by VCI.

  • Security of Demand: Domestic market aluminium production is estimated to have doubled to 40 LTPA between FY15-FY22 and is expected to reach 60 LTPA by FY27 thus ensuring the security of demand.

  • High Capital Intensive: The specialty chemicals projects require high upfront capex. One requires at least. Rs. 150 Cr - Rs. 200 Cr to set up and run the unit.

  • High Entry Barriers: The use of complex chemical technology pose an Entry Barrier for new entrants.

This brings us to the question 'Why VCI' There would surely be other players in the industry who can meet demand, both domestic and international.

  • VCI is substituting up to 20% dependency of the middle-east Aluminium industry on Chinese monopoly by becoming long term (8+ years) strategic supplier of CTP (worth Rs. 300+ Cr.) to leaders of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

  • Initiatives from GoI to promote transparency and time-bound clearances & incentives (Land, Capital, Power, Tax) will promote a conducive business environment. VCI is estimated to gain Rs. 10 Cr. annually through government schemes like Invest in Orissa, and Go Swift (Single Window clearance portal).

  • The company's operations are envisaged to enjoy tremendous locational advantage since 67% of the plant feedstock (Crude Coal Tar) will be sourced from steel plants within 120 km & hence has the lowest inbound cost of any domestic competitors. The company has MoU with TATA Steel for the same. Feedstock Security is 3x+ in FY22.

  • The plant is situated in a highly industrialized area of 1000 acres belonging to the Industrial Development Authority of Orissa & henceforth operations are expected to be hassle-free from local hassles. Ample availability of coal and private, as well as government electricity feeders, will ensure 100% uptime of power.

  • The company is well connected to diverse logistic channels with connections to Paradip port (120 km), railways (10 km), and National Highway 215 (1 km). This is also expected to facilitate connectivity to nearby ports for exports.


  • VCI has signed long-term contracts (8+ years) with industry veterans like EGA (UAE), ALBA (Bahrain), Sohar (Oman), Maaden (Saudi Arabia), and Qatalum (Qatar) aims to be a strategic supplier of Coal Tar Pitch.

  • A significant share of high-yield distillates produced will be utilized in synergies of VCI Group to cater to its brownfield expansion, thus adding to the value chain.

  • 87% of the top line is secured.

VCI Chemical Industries Management

Management of the company is in secured and experienced hands of Vikrant Group. This is a 3rd generation business running under the brands of "Dr. Phenyl" (Disinfectant & HCP Business is being carried over 50+ years and the management is ethical & responsible.

Shubham Gupta, Director of VCI Chemical Industries graduated from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) as a B. Tech Chemical Engineer. He did an internship at Rashtriya ISPAT Nigam Limited, a coal chemical division & TEVA Pharmaceuticals API division. He joined Vikrant Group in 2010 & since then has undertaken 2 greenfield projects & 1 brownfield expansion project.

As is now evident, VCI management is in safe, experienced hands of people who have excellent knowledge about the industry. They have been part of this industry for many years previously.

VCI Director Shubham Gupta while commenting on the future plans of VCI said, "The company aims to meet the entire domestic requirement of high-grade distillates. Currently, India imports majority of its high-yield distillates from China (Rs. 8,300 Cr. FY22) due to the high production cost involved but VCI aims to make India Aatmanirbhar in this field. We plan to do this under the Government of India's Make in India initiative. We also plan to meet 20-25% of market requirements of Coal Tar Pitch of the Middle Eastern market."

Planify Founder & CEO, Rajesh Singla said, "Our mission is to fund every entrepreneur to help them gain early access to financial and strategic capital, to propel their company's growth. Planify aims to groom what people care about. VCI provides investors with an opportunity to shape the future economy of a growing India. With VCI, Planify aims to support entrepreneurial pursuits of our economy."

Planify has made a commitment to raise Rs. 23 Cr. through their angel investors and family offices.

VCI Chemicals will achieve a turnover of Rs. 350 Cr. by FY28 with a 12% EBIT margin, and VCI profits should be close to 45 cr. At a conservative estimate of P/E of 20, the company is expected to achieve Rs. 900 Cr. - Rs. 1,000 cr valuation in 5 years. The investor has the potential to make 12-15x returns in the next five years by investing in VCI.

200 lots of VCI are available for investment on Planifys platform for a limited period of time. Investors can gain the first mover advantage by investing in VCI with Planify.

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