instrucko, the world’s first one-to-one language learning platform continues to do pioneering work in the EdTech realm. The platform has recently closed their seed funding round by raising 1 million USD. The funding round was led by MVK Group, a Venture Capital Firm based out of London which manages some of the leading business families across Dubai, Singapore, London and Switzerland who executed the investment. This is a follow on from the December seed round.

The amount raised will be further utilized for business expansion across India and the Middle East, with a core focus on providing children between the ages of 3 to 15 access to the most premium content across the world. Not only will instrucko’s content continue to give their students a leading edge versus their peers, instrucko will hire leading educationists across the world, which can ensure that their teaching methods are unrivalled.

instrucko’s ambition continues to be unparalleled and it strives to be the market leader in its realm of content creation and delivery. instrucko’s Business to Business segment is continuing to see growing demand with schools across India and the Middle East. These schools are utilising instrucko’s content and leading teacher training courses, which allow schools to differentiate their offering through instrucko bringing more certified and specialised courses such as EtonX.

Ms Devvaki Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, instrucko

Ms. Devvaki Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, instrucko said -
instrucko prides itself on creating superior content to improve the learning pedagogy. Our focus has always been on great content and great teaching while technology has only been an aggregator. Our mission is to equip learners with the skills needed to succeed globally. This funding will help us expand, create more content and focus on technology and AI powered analytics.

CEO of MVK Group Venture Capital Firm, Manish Karani said -
After investing and exiting multiple Consumer Brands over the past few years, we were excited to be given the opportunity to invest in instrucko, who we strongly believe brings the highest quality of education to the Indian market. The EdTech market has seen a lot of ’noise’ since Covid, with many brands purely launching services just to capitalise on the sudden move to online education. instrucko has been unique in this regard by focusing on bringing content and its delivery which is more suitable for the global marketplace versus the local marketplace, and thus giving each one of their customers an edge over their peers.

About instrucko:

Founded in July 2020, instrucko specializes in teaching English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hindi, Public Speaking and Creative Writing to children from the age of 3-15 years. instrucko’s live classes are conducted by teachers from India as well as by native speakers. Established in the UK, with offices in London, Mumbai, and Delhi, instrucko’s courses hav been created by leading educationists from University of Oxford.The instrucko way is to nurture future leaders, globally. Its courseware has been created by leading educationists in the United Kingdom and alumni from University of Oxford.

As compelling is the courseware, devised by the United Kingdom’s leading educationists and the steppingstone it provides to its pupils through their teenage years. instrucko provides directed guidance to EtonX courses for learners aged thirteen upwards – drawing on centuries of expertise from Eton College. EtonX’s courses are designed to help teenagers to get into the top universities.


We are committed to delivering first-rate language lessons to 3–15-year-olds around the world. Our expert team designs every lesson to be tailored, fun and engaging, offering a well-rounded, cross-curricular experience of education to every one of our students.


We want to inspire students to achieve their utmost potential in life. By encouraging emotionally intelligent, critical and independent thinking, we will enable students to enjoy personal, academic and career success. We envision our lifelong learners becoming future leaders.

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