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In recent times, there has been a sudden surge in the demand for electric vehicles (EV) in India. In many ways, electric vehicles are better than petrol and diesel. But still, many questions pop-up in the minds of any possible EV buyer, such as how safe is it to run in the rainy season. Many people believe that electric cars cannot run properly in the rainy season. Today we will answer some of your similar questions.

Is it safe to recharge your EV outdoors when it’s raining?

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People often have this question whether there is any danger in charging electric cars during the rainy season. Engineers behind electric vehicle and charging module manufacturing industry have already shown concerns on these hurdles and solved these concerns to their best while making it a reality. The  charging plugs are being made perfectly safe for every situation of bad weather by folding it off with protective layers. This has made charging in the rain safer and a lot more confident while tackling bad weather.

Experts say that the chargers of electric vehicles have to go through many safety tests. They are made to be waterproof. Companies do many tests including over charge, shock protection, short protection of their battery.

How safe is an electric car in the rain?

Electric cars are technically and electrically made quite advanced. They have a security system. These vehicles have an IP rating which ensures their safety. These contain rating points that decide how safe the car is. Currently, IP67 rated battery packs are being used in cars, which is considered much better in terms of safety. Cars with such batteries are not at risk from water. All the systems in the battery pack have several layers of protective cutoffs that get activated before the water comes in. Apart from this, the main battery pack of the car has this capability so that it can separate itself from other parts in time.

What will happen in case of a lightning strike?


This question is bound to come in the minds of electric car buyers that if there is an incident of lightning during the rainy season, the people present in the car will be at risk or not. So the answer is NO. If lightning falls on the car, then the passengers inside it will be absolutely safe, because even if the lightning falls, it will fall on top of  the car, which is prepared from the metal. The car is designed according to all the weather so that the drivers do not face any kind of problem in it.

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