NEW YORK, NY, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire-- ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) is an M&A company focused on acquiring and developing technology-based companies globally. Having already completed three acquisitions since January 2021, the company is also in the process of expanding its distribution networks and developing new partnerships for the increased uptake of its technology.  

FireBug’s Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Vijay Fire Vehicles (Vijay) is for the resale of all FireBug technology in India, where Vijay already maintains strong relationships with the government and private sector and holds numerous contracts for the ongoing supply of firefighting vehicles and equipment. An OEM Partnership Agreement has also been signed with Vijay which enables them to integrate components of FireBug’s core patented water mist technology into their own solutions for large projects and high-volume orders. 

FireBug and Vijay are also collaborating on the development of an all-electric rapid response firefighting vehicle for the Indian market. This vehicle is based on ILUS’ ERaptor Electric Utility Vehicle Platform. With pollution in India being a major concern for the Indian government, the shift towards electric vehicle solutions is taking place rapidly and the Vijay electric rapid response firefighting vehicle is already in high demand from the government, airports and manufacturing sectors in India. 

Managing Director of Vijay Fire Vehicles, Rajesh Salot, said the following of the partnership: “Vijay Fire Vehicles are very happy to have an association with FireBug for their products in India. We are putting FireBug’s product specifications to a lot of customers in India.”

Vijay is listed as a recommended supplier to the Indian Government and is in the process of adding all FireBug products to the Indian government’s purchasing portal, which will enable all government authorities and municipalities to purchase FireBug products at the click of a button. India has over 3,700 municipal bodies which are difficult for international manufacturers to infiltrate without a prominent partner and without being listed on the Indian government’s supplier portal. 

In partnership with Vijay, FireBug’s products have been undergoing rigorous testing and trials by various government departments in India, including the Mumbai Fire Service, which serves a population of over 20 million people in one of the world’s most congested and complex urban environments. With the products now approved and discussions underway regarding implementation, it is expected that the partnership with Vijay will deliver numerous government contracts for FireBug’s solutions. 

Vijay Fire Vehicles has been operating in the Fire Industry in India for over 60 years. The company is part of the larger Vijay Group of Companies and has a proud history of being India’s largest firefighting vehicle and equipment manufacturer. The Vijay Group delivers a wide range of products and services, including firefighting vehicles, special vehicles, police vehicles, waste collection and sweeper vehicles, firefighting equipment, security systems, medical equipment, turnkey industrial and commercial fire safety projects and building management services. Vijay has successfully delivered thousands of vehicle and equipment solutions and executed over 3,500 turnkey projects across India, Asia and the Middle East. 

FireBug was acquired by ILUS in January 2021. The company manufactures and supplies innovative solutions for Fire & Rescue Services and Original Equipment Manufacturers. FireBug’s solutions harness the power of its patented water mist technology which is a world first for the specialized firefighting equipment and vehicles which FireBug manufactures. The FireBug product range is extensive and includes firefighting and rescue vehicles from small to large, a range of customized lightweight fire vehicle bodies built to order, UTV firefighting vehicles including electric UTV vehicle solutions, MistMax firefighting skid units, floating pumps and strainers, BacPac portable water mist fire suppression kits, MistNozzle water mist firefighting nozzles and the Mongoose surface penetrating firefighting lance. 

The global firefighting vehicle market is a growing market owing to acceptance of new and advanced technology, product innovation, and the use of advanced digital tools and modern electronics which will help to enhance the efficiency, quality, and capability of firefighting vehicles. As urbanization increases and digitization takes place simultaneously, there has been a corresponding increase in municipal budgets from governments to aid the improvement of fire and safety departments, and this is also fuelling the growth of the firefighting vehicle market. From 2019 to 2024, the global firefighting vehicle market is anticipated to register a CAGR of about 6.7% .

The global firefighting vehicle and equipment market is dominated by Asia-Pacific due to emerging countries like China, India and South Korea who have witnessed a stable growth in infrastructure coupled with the raised awareness of fire and life safety. The rise in awareness about fire and life safety in the region is boosting the demand for firefighting vehicles and equipment and this demand is expected to continue over the next decade.

As India’s population is growing exponentially and urbanization continues to increase, the resulting spike in building and construction activity has led to the Indian government enforcing stringent fire safety regulations across multiple sectors, including residential, commercial, airports, and industries. This in turn is rapidly increasing the demand for firefighting vehicles and equipment in India.

ILUS Director, John-Paul Backwell, said, “We have been active in the Indian market for a number of years and made steady progress in the Indian market. Now, the signing of this exclusive agreement with Vijay and the associated OEM partnership represents a significant milestone in the growth path of FireBug and ILUS. Vijay are the biggest player in the emergency services sector in India and they are the company that every manufacturer wishes to partner with, so this is a significant achievement. In addition, with the Indian Government implementing major local reforms to drastically reduce pollution, the collaboration with Vijay on an electric fire vehicle solution for the Indian market is another exciting development in the ILUS roadmap.”

ILUS is continuing to work hard within each of its acquisitions to expand the international distribution networks for its technology. The company is also in the process of negotiating several acquisitions, including in the USA. The ILUS team is growing as additional experience and expertise is being added and more announcements will be made on this growth and the acquisitions in the coming days and weeks. 

For further information on the ILUS group of companies, please see their respective communication channels. 


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