Gambling and Lottery tends to have a negative reputation associated with it in India. This can be corrected at times as a lot of people have been negatively impacted by gambling behaviours and lost large amounts of money. However the changing landscape for gambling and lotteries has meant that not only is it more widely accessible on sites like smile lotto but also more time and effort is being invested into responsible gambling

The reality is that gambling, although hated by some, is not going anywhere and attempts to educate people how to gamble safely is an important step forward. Companies like smile lotto are taking India by storm with its online offering for Lottery.

The introduction of online lottery betting is not something new and was introduced in India a number of years ago. However it is only in recent years that Indian customers have become more confident in making online payments and thus we have seen a natural rise in online gambling transactions. Even within the last year alone, as a result of COVID, more people were advised to stay at home and shop online. People who normally popped out to the local shop to purchase lottery tickets were now trying online ticket purchases for the first time. Sites like smile saw a positive increase in active customers as a result of this.

It has been stated that over 80% of lottery ticket purchases now happen online showing that Indian customers have become very comfortable with the online lottery products available to them. Why wouldn’t they? Online lotteries are innovative and allow even more people to easily take part in lottery draws happening all over the world from the comfort of their own one.
Here are some of my favourite things about online lotteries.

Lead by technology

India previously lagged behind in the area of technology however in the last 10 years this has changed dramatically. Since 2014 specifically there was a large increase in the use of mobile devices and this lead to mobile devices being adopted by all parts of society and not just the rich. With the move to more mobile device usage businesses also adapted to cater to this large segment of customers. This change in customer behaviour meant that the online lottery industry was now even more appealing to Indian customers and indian operators alike. Online lottery operators try to differentiate themselves from traditional ticket sellers by offering innovative features to drive engagement.

More lotteries to choose from

Placing lottery bets in India can sometimes be difficult to do and with the introduction to online lottery betting these barriers have been removed. Not only have they been removed but you also have even more lottery options to choose from. All you have to do is head over to smile lotto and see what they have on offer from the comfort of your mobile device.

Fast Payouts

If you are lucky enough to win the lottery or even just win a small part of the lottery you will be paid out quickly and directly to your bank account. This is a massive plus to me and I think everyone sees this as a big benefit to online lottery betting!

Online lottery betting is going to continue to grow in India and I’m sure we will see more and more operators head into the project further driving innovation and engagement!

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