Marquee Equity adopts a tech-driven capital raising approach to help clients identify and reach out to investors

Marquee Equity, a fintech platform has helped a Florida-based B2B Payments company,, close its seed round.

"We reached out to Qolo to explore if we could be of help because they popped up on our 'companies to watch list, an internal tool we use to scout interesting early-stage companies. We found Qolo to be an exciting company led by Patricia Montesi, an entrepreneur with a superb background in the space, and they were kind enough to give us a chance with their seed round" said Ash Narain, Founder & CEO of Marquee Equity.

Marquee Equity's proprietary investor discovery algorithm identified a list of investors which their execution team then curated and once approved by Qolo, investors were approached.

"Qolo experienced immediate positive traction on our platform and quickly received information and call requests from several top notch angel and institutional investors. Great quality companies and founders always quickly receive investor interest and before we knew it, Qolo was in the process of closing their round!", adds Kabir Narain, Founder & CTO of Marquee Equity.

Over 750 companies use Marquee Equity each year to raise capital and commenting on their raise, Patricia Montesi, Founder & CEO of Qolo said, "We could not be more thrilled with our decision to use Marquee Equity to reach out to potential investors. One of the investors that we met through Marquee had participated in the latest raise and we got many calls and leads from the outreach conducted by Marquee. I would associate with them again and recommend anyone in need of mass reaching investors in a professional and efficient way".

Marquee Equity was started with the mission of giving any entrepreneur access to the best investors in the world. It operates as a no-judgement, technology driven platform, that opens up the world's investors to entrepreneurs wanting to raise capital.

"We wanted to democratise access to capital. Investment bankers are interested in large ticket deals, leaving early stage companies without access to good advice to raise capital. We work with companies across the board - from idea stage to pre IPO - from $100k cheque sizes to multi billion dollar private equity funds raising capital from Limited Partners. We also charge a fraction of what an investment bank of the same quality would charge. This is because of our technology replacing a lot of the manual functions at an investment bank", added Ash Narain.

"Founders need to approach fundraising as a funnel based process. You begin with a large pool of interested investors and funnel them down to the few that you close a round with. Marquee Equity is a great service to help you build your funnel. They're quick and get you on the phone with the right group of targeted investors", says Patricia Montesi.

About the company:

Marquee Equity is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, aimed at making investor access a cost and time-effective process. Started in 2016, it connects the entrepreneurs/startups looking for funding and financial guidance with the right kind of investors and helps them grow. With expertise in four lines of business,900+ facilitated raises and a global investor pool of 32,000 investors, Marquee is proud to call itself the world's most efficient and effective fund-raising service.

Marquee helps access the most relevant investors, tailored to the clients' requirements, thus opening a portal to connect with the world's best angels, super angels, venture capitalists & private equity firms. The team also provides services to help clients (founders, VCs, PEs, etc.) exit business/ investments which do not align with their portfolios and connect with a network of buyers to exit investments at strong multiples.

About Qolo:

Qolo, founded in 2018, is the B2B payments hub for the New Economy with a mission to help businesses navigate today's complex payments and financial transactions landscape. The platform empowers businesses to manage payments efficiently with an eye toward growth and reduced expense.

Qolo supports companies wherever speed, security and cost of payment are important including gig worker payouts, distribution payments, multi-currency and cross-border businesses and modern fintech firms.


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