Preregistration to begin in 173 countries worldwide!

New information about the game will be released during this event!

Eve-sense Inc. (President and CEO: Kousuke Shimizu; hereafter, “Eve-sense”) is pleased to present information on “Casino Station – Global Ranking”, along with the start of preregistration.


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Casino Station (Graphic: Business Wire)

Casino Station (Graphic: Business Wire)

Our product is a full-fledged casino game that is irresistible to casino lovers while sticking to what makes these games great. It features everything from roulette, bingo and table games to slots and dog races, and allows players to use casino coins to play regular (non-casino) games as well. Enjoy over 100 different games of chance and listen to a magnificent orchestral soundtrack while competing in the rankings with players from all over the world!


[Casino Station Official Website]
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[See footage of the game in action on YouTube]


[Introducing the Different Categories of Games!]
Casino Station from Eve-sense features a total of 12 different types of casinos and game categories. Players will ultimately be able to experience 15 different types, including login bonuses, minigames and future titles under development.
These include poker games, slots games, table games, roulette, lotteries, racing, action games, strategy games, board games, sports games, solitaire and puzzle games.


Casino Station is a game where you're not just trying to earn more coins, but where you're also able to use those coins to enjoy different games. We're looking forward to you taking this opportunity to register with Casino Station!


Important Information
Casino Station is a game.
It does not provide the opportunity for players to gamble using real money or to win real prizes. It is not implied that practicing these games in the app will translate to success in gambling with real money in the future.


Eve-sense Inc. develops planning, production and management for various information services via the Internet.

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Company Name: Eve-sense Inc.

Date Established: June 1, 2017

Representative: Kousuke Shimizu, President and CEO

Type of Business: Planning, production, management and software development for various information services via the Internet






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