Marquee Equity a SaaS platform, connects the new businesses with the right investors

February 2021, New Delhi: With the growing ecosystem of startups in India and worldwide, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of innovations, technologies in the market to make our day-to-day life easier. But in order to get the business up and running, requires seamless financial assistance. Marquee Equity a Saas platform acts as a bridge between the startups looking for funding and investors/venture capitalists/angel investors thus making the process of fundraising swift and convenient. Fundraising is usually a full-time job for founders of companies raising capital, Marquee functions as an extension to their team and simplifies the process of getting in front of the right investors.

Since its inception in 2016, Marquee has successfully created 900 plus fundraises across the globe. With a network of trusted experts, Marquee helps its clients to connect for their specific funding needs, which just doesn't pertain to setting up a meeting with an investor but the team guides them all the way until the funds are secured. Several well-known startups and top-tier venture capital funds use Marquee Equity to raise capital. The platform also helps its clients find acquirers for their business through its M&A service.

Recently, the firm has guided to raise approx. $3.8M for a client and sparked conversations with 140+ investors headquartered in over 10 countries, all in the short span of 2 months. The highly efficient team secured meetings with the world's sought after investors like Capital One, SignalFire, Arrowroot Capital, TTV Capital, Costanoa VC, Raptor Group, HWVP, and many more. Marquee turns a long process of securing meetings with investors into a short 2-3 month process during which its clients are able to meet the highest quality investment firms in the world - such as Sequoia, Founders Fund, Softbank, and more.

Marquee promises to be the fastest and most efficient way to raise capital, worldwide, with one of the largest networks in the world, providing direct access to over 32,000 investors, globally. With its world-class team of analysts that help the businesses with expert opinions, and aids in exit business/investment, Marquee Equity aims to create a unique mark for itself with its international portfolio and exceptional services.

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