India is an important country for startups. No wonder, as it has many advantages that attract investors. The huge population and economy growth make India great ground for new companies. Currently, there are many startups operating within different industries. All of them embrace new technologies to make people’s everyday life easier. The Indian startups are based around convenience and saving time, so you will see online platforms such as, shops, and new advanced systems. 

The startups are growing rapidly, but not only in India. Many of them have already gone outside and conquered the world. The dynamic Indian market encouraged many new businesses to spread overseas. 

When it comes to industries, modern startups cover anything from hospitality, transportation, food delivery, online shopping. This is the list of the top Indian startups!


Paytm is a modern platform for mobile commerce and digital goods. It is convenient and allows paying bills, making hotel reservations, buying transport tickets, and other features that make everyday life easier. It is the largest project with a total fund of $4.4 billion.

2.Ola Cabs

This is a platform that allows users to book transport options. It is a convenient all in one app for bikes, cab, and other means of urban transport. The success made the platform expand internationally and secure presence on the UK, Australian, and New Zealand market.


The hotel chain OYO offers different accommodation experiences all across the country. It is all about offering a budget-friendly stay using the modern platform. Standardization and the modern platform allow users to book a comfortable and affordable stay. 

4. ReNew Power

The startup project is all about using renewable energy sources. They build and operate facilities that produce energy from the wind and the sun. Currently, it is the largest company in India in this sector. They do plan to expand while keeping sustainability as the number one priority.

5. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is a successful online shopping platform. It offers a wide range of goods to cover the needs of the household. You can find products such as appliances, electronics, and clothing. The platform is convenient, as you can find all in one place. 

6. Swiggy

Nowadays, it is all about providing value to users. Swiggy is a platform that makes ordering food easy. There is a list of restaurants that you can choose from and delivery staff that will deliver the food to your home. Users can have the restaurant options in one place, and order with a few taps.


This online platform provides educational services. It is a good source of learning materials for children and students. There are lots of videos of different ages. Also, the platform has preparation materials for student exams. The plan was to create a platform that gathers study material and counselling for students. 

8. BigBasket

Indian people like a convenient solution and prefer to have groceries delivered right at their door. This platform makes shopping much easier. The online grocery store has a wide range of food selections, so everyone can pick their favourites. Users can finish their weekly grocery shopping within a few clicks.

9. Delhivery

The creative name sums up the purpose of the platform. It provides users with delivery services that suit their needs. From simple parcel delivery to freight and logistics, this platform has it all. It is a leader in the logistics industry now.

10. Udaan

Udaan is another e-commerce platform. The difference is that it connects businesses, rather than B2C communication. Small to medium businesses in India can connect for different transactions that suit their specific needs. 


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