IndiGo's Group MD and Ex-CEO of Tech Mahindra Launched A New AI Venture 'AlonOS'

Rahul Bhatia, Group Managing Director of IndiGo's parent company InterGlobe Enterprises, and CP Gurnani, former CEO of Tech Mahindra and chairman of Assago Group, have just announced a joint venture to launch a new artificial intelligence (AI) venture named 'AlonOS'. 

AlonOS, a joint venture between InterGlobe and Assago, is set to transform the Al landscape globally.

This venture aims to offer AI services, including generative AI, to clients in the travel, transportation, logistics, and hospitality industries. Headquartered in Singapore, AlonOS plans to expand its operations globally, covering regions such as North America, India, the Middle East, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.

The mission of AlonOS is to empower businesses with advanced AI solutions that enhance both human and system capabilities. It's an exciting development in the field of AI, especially with the focus on industries that can greatly benefit from AI-driven innovation.

AlonOS is set to offer a comprehensive suite of AI services designed to address the complex digital transformation challenges of businesses across various industries. Here are some of the specific AI services that AlonOS will provide:
  • AI Custom Solutions: Tailored AI solutions to tackle unique digital transformation challenges and deploy AI solutions specific to enterprise needs.
  • Industry-Specific Products: Products designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities within each sector.
  • Data Insight Engine: Advanced analytics applied to existing data reservoirs to turn raw data into strategic assets, extracting actionable insights, and identifying new revenue streams.
  • AI-led Customer Experience (CX): Delivering personalized, efficient, and scalable customer experience solutions.
Additionally, AlonOS will focus on creating an ecosystem that integrates AI into every decision-making process, enhancing operational execution and decision-making through automation and optimization. The venture will also seek partnerships with startups to provide industry-specific solutions at scale, emphasizing agility in delivery. This indicates a commitment to innovation and collaboration within the AI space.


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