It has been seven months since India reported its first case of COVID-19 in Kerala, and as of August 12, the number of total cases in India has reached over 2.27 million. Trepidation and recession caused by this novel virus have rendered many people unemployed. Job seekers are unable to find long term employment avenues. At the same time, employers are hesitant to make long term commitments by hiring employees and are finding it challenging to hire the right talent with no strings attached. The job market is in peril, and the question of how long this vexing job hunt will last remains unanswered.

Nevertheless, fret no more, for we have good news for you - a futuristic job portal is a ray of hope for job seekers and employers both. Launched under the URL, this sophisticated HR technology allows recruiters and employers to hire job seekers on flexible period job contracts in India with no long term commitments, no strings attached, and temporary work opportunities that get you in the right direction.

Now, what exactly is a contract job

Simply put, a contract basis job is a contractual employment opportunity where the employer hires you for a fixed period, and when the period expires, your employment ends. Plus, while you work at the employers place, your salary and your benefits are paid by a third-party contractor.

So, as a job seeker, what are the advantages of hiring using

  • In these times of pandemic triggered recession, contractual job opportunity is easier to come by, thus enhancing possibilities of you getting faster employment and easier decisions

  • Opportunity to work with various employers, resulting in better exposure and improvement in skillsets

  • An opportunity to gel with the right connections in your concerned work-fields for future references

  • Be employed for a certain period and have the rest of the year to yourself

  • From private to government contract jobs, there are 1000s of job openings

As an employer, there are significant advantages for your business:

  • No hassle hiring: The contractor takes care of sourcing, interviewing payroll management, leave tracking and management

  • Employers hire employees as per their work demand

  • Employers never run out of candidates

  • It is evident that the new portal is a win-win for both parties - the employer hires an employee only for the duration he requires the help, and the employee gets to work only for the period he chooses to work.

We hope that this job portal will help job seekers and recruiters all over India during this very challenging time.

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